Jessie went to help Sakura up, shooting a look at where Nancy was and trying to place herself in her shoes, wondering whether or not she would act the same if her son were kidnapped.

"You won't be," she said, promising the schoolgirl she won't remain helpless. "Head round the back. I'm going to help Nancy then we'll see about getting you to walk again, okay?"


"Hey," Philip called out when he entered the church. He'd looked up some information on what Makoto told him and thought he'd share what he found out about his master's death. "Hey kid," he said again, finding him, "how long's it been since you've eaten?"


Chavo Vezuzade knew he didn't have the control of his emotions his brother did, but worked on trying to appear neutral in any case. But he struggled to hide how pleased he was that Gassman had found people to fight. One of them being Spanish, almost a brother, and the other not only a Marine but he hd a squad down here. Chavo thought it best not to hide how he felt when the jeep pulled up.

"Chavo Vezuzade," he said to Vega and Alex, "I'm so pleased you're both here to aid us in what's happening. You have the gratitude of our people." Turning, he waved them inside his home. "Come, we have much to discuss."


"You can toot that horn all you like," Shabazz yelled at the car behind him, "we're not breaking the road laws to satisfy your impatient faggot man pussy." Reiko smirked at the comment, thinking, when it dawned on her that Shabazz was the real surname as Malcolm X, one of the foreleaders in black civil rights. She thought back to learning about him in school, when her father had stolen enough to put her through. Specifically, she remembered one instance that led her to hate guns. There was someone she knew, not real well, but she saw them taking guns from a gang member on school grounds. The seductive power they held, in this case for revenge when not thirty seconds earlier Reiko overheard a question about how such a death merchant was allowed on the streets. And now she was being dragged into a world of guns, violence and death once again. She looked at Shabazz wielding a Kalashnikov rifle, spat out the car window before directing her comment at Carlos.

"This better be worth it," she threatened.

"Once you see this video of the the people attacking us, you will think differently," Carlos promised.


Mina was checkin on Lucian on the computer when she saw Albert come back.

"Is that about what's hapening in Mexico?' he asked. Mina switched over to research she had done on what soldiers did and suggsted in war.

"As a matter of fact it is." She brought up one horrific instance that occured in Asia for Albert to look at, where women and children were forced to watch on video as they were skinned alive, and then the videos would be distributed. It was meant to try and break the enemy's will to fight, Mina had written on the subject and opined that all it did was increase their resolve.

"Can you find an angle on this we can use?" Albert wanted to know.

"This has nothing to do with religion, you won't find a way to claim otherwise no matter how hard you look." Changing the subject she asked, "that girl you hired is in Mexico."

"Why is she there? She hasn't accomplished her mission."

"No," Mina agreed, "she seems to have been recruited to stop this." Albert thought for a moment.

"You sent a team down there didn't you?" Albert remembered. "These attacks must be allowed to continue," he decided. "It will make America look bad, and if America looks bad they will look for reasons why." He had a plan forming, one that would take advantage of Mina's actions to stop the attacks. "Order your team to hunt down Reiko immediately."

"What about her mission?" Albert was thoughtful for a moment, realising at last that Mina was trying and might succeed in outmanuvering him.

"Nancy served under you, so you should know. We've sent someone to silence her." Albert was certain Mina could do nothing to prevent it as he explained. "Nothing we've tried has scared her off, we must not allow her to expose our plans."

"Why not use me then?" Mina wondered. "I know her, I would have had better luck with it."

"I need you here though." The Major saw this as a good opportunity to probe deeper.

"If you need me here then I need to know about this plan of yours." Albert knew hee couldn't tell her, even after all her help, she had to be kept in the dark as long as possible, in case she turned on them.

"You will," he promised.