(The whispering of the winds are heard abroad as Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma stare at each other)

"IT'S TIME! SHOW ME YOUR MURDEROUS HADO!!!!" Shin Akuma phases behind Evil Ryu and uppercuts him into the air. Evil Ryu turns around while in mid-air and fires multiple Hadoukens at S. Akuma. Shin Akuma stood there laughing and said, "QUIT PLAYING AND FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!!"

Evil Ryu phases behind Shin Akuma and attempt to do the shungokusatsu on him but S. Akuma punched him in the face but that still didn't stop him. "ShunGokuSatsu!!!!" A flash of light came and Evil Ryu stood while S. Akuma was on the ground. "You Wanted To Get It Then You Will Die By It!....MURDEROUS HADOOOOOO!!!!!!" Ryu charged up a purple flame and shot S.Akuma with it! The smoke clears and Shin Akuma's body is nowhere in sight. "It's Done!" Ryu changes back to normal and starts to walk away.

"FOOL!...YOU REALLY THOUGHT YOU WON! HAHAHAHA!!!...FOOLISH MORTAL!" A Couple of shadow figures phases around Ryu in a circular motion. "THIS IS THE END RYU!!! I AM THAT WHICH CAN NOT BE DEFEATED!!! DIE!" All the shadow figures encircle Ryu and they all approached him to what looked like the Shungokusatsu move and all of them performed the move on Ryu and Shin Akuma's physical body came from the sky like a missile heading toward Ryu and S. Akuma said "FINAL SHADOW-HADO-SATSU!!" and came down on Ryu's body with a Black flaming murderous Hado while the shadows were still performing the shungokusatsu! A blast was seen as far off as 3 miles and the ground shock like an earthquake.

Shin Akuma stood in the destroyed 3 mile radius he created and said "I am that which cannot be stopped!" He looked at the ashes of Ryu and notice that Ryu's evil entity was still around. S. Akuma took that energy and feed himself more evil. "HMMMMMMMMM...AARRRRRRRRRG! Demon wings grew from his back and flew into the air. "I AM IMMORTAL!! PERSISH! THIS PLANET IS USELESS NOW!" Shin Akuma Powered up and Shot a Final Murderous Hado at the planet! Screaming was heard all over the planet and then a silence came about it and no sound was to ever come from it...ever again. Shin Akuma flew away to other planets, searching for more lives to take. And till this day no one will ever know where he is...because they will be dead before they realize it.

-Reign of Evil: The Shin Akuma Story-