Cosmic Destiny - CH4 - sit downs and peeking toms


I: Garden Chat


Selene ran down the dark red hall. 'I shouldn't be so mad at him, but this has gone on for so long!' Selene screamed in her mind as she pounded down the narrow yet high hall. The lanterns of the hallway cast her shadow eerily on its opposite. As she burst out of the hall and down the short stairway to the garden she slowed her pace and wiping her eyes she sat down on a garden bench. A large trestle of white creeps from behind the bench mixed with the smells of roses any lilacs to sent the cool night air. Selene stared down at her feet, her tears still falling despite her previous efforts.


The princess's eyes came to meet those of Haruka. She stood, at the top of the stairway, about ten feet away from Selene, her feet together and hands at her side. Selene didn't need to say anything. Her eyes spoke for her. They looked the same way they did when they first meet. Haruka walked to Selene and sat down next to and hugged her.

"I don't think any words would really help you right now?. There's nothing to say. I'll just listen," Haruka said, head leaning on Selene's head for she was much taller than the princess. Selene breathed in deeply and began.

"I'm beginning to believe that father doesn't love me. I know deep down but there are times that I wonder. I've always had points when I would wonder, even when I was a small child. Now I have even more doubt," Selene said softly. "It's almost as if he's forcing himself to love me, just because he thinks he should. A father should love his daughter. I can't understand how he can still love my mother. Can't he see that she's insane, she not the same person he married. Maybe I can see the love if I try, but you shouldn't have to try to see love. It shouldn't be a strain to love someone? So, he doesn't love me?"

"Oh, you say that because your father always just manages to squeeze you in," Haruka said.

"Yes, he shouldn't be forced to be with me." Selene replied. She drew her shoulders together and idly drew pictures on the dust of the stone garden walkway with the tips of her toes.

"So you consider the fact that he would give up sleep, just to come and sit with you forced?" Haruka asked with a raised eyebrow.

Selene turned her face upward to look at Haruka. "He sits with me while I sleep?"

Haruka let a smile cross her face as she started down at Selene's eyes. They looked so innocent and wondering, like a child. "Yes, he often comes and just sits next to your bed... Just watching... Is that kind of love forced?"

Selene suddenly felt ashamed and confused and resumed staring at the ground. Haruka released Selene's shoulders and stood up. She started to amble away from Selene and up the stairs to the Castle.

"I think you need time to maul things over," Haruka said over her shoulder.

Selene was left to sit and think something she truly wished to do. 'I guess what Haruka said is true? But what about mother does he really love both of us? How can he side with a woman who tired to kill me? But she is his wife? and my mother?' these thought and more buzzed in Selene's mind. She covered her face in her hands. How can she trust him? Her own father yet the husband of her would be murderer.


II: Eavesdropping


Kunzite sighed heavily. He glanced back into the throne room to confirm what he saw before. ' I guess I won't have the chance to have a private talk with Setsuna anytime soon?' He thought. Kunzite crossed his arms over his chest and started to walk down one of Charon's Castle's many halls. Really having nothing to do, just killing time.

"Such a long time it's been? and it will soon be even longer because of the king's indecision?." A voice said from a doorway a little ways along the hall.

Kunzite stopped short and walked toward the archway.

"Yes, this may be the last time we see each other for months?"

'That sounds like Michiru and Nephrite?' Over come with curiosity Kunzite stood right out side the archway and peered in. Sure enough Michiru and Nephrite were inside. The two sat on a stone bench looking at each other, their hands interlocked. Kunzite raised an eyebrow. "Hmm? "

Michiru smiled at Nephrite and he smiled back. Even from his place at the door way Kunzite could feel their love for each other and the energy in the air. Of all the generals Nephrite was the only one to get a senshi to return his love. Nephrite leaned in close to Michiru and-

"Commander Kunzite?"

Kunzite turned around. Zoisite and Hotaru stood watching him.

"Commander Kunzite, what are you doing?" Zoisite asked staring at Kunzite uncertainly.

Kunzite walked away from the archway and stood between the two, he clasped both on the shoulder and began walking them down the hall. "Nothing, nothing at all, now let's see how have you been Hotaru?"

The three ambled down the hall leaving Michiru and Nephrite in peace.