Akuma, Evil Ryu, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M.Bison’s joint worst nightmare

As Sagat was dragged off to studio 1, the music video studio, the other’s followed, curious what these people wanted with Sagat and know exactly who’s "Sagat’s group" were.

They entered N’Sync’s "pop" set, where the famous five were waiting.

"What the…hey, I AIN’T PART OF NO BOY GROUP!!!"

"Oh but darrrrllllling you must be, I mean, look at you, you gorgeous beast! You were the handsomest out of these six so we assumed that you must be part of our lovely boy band!!" said the gay clothes designer for the group.

This was where Vega’s nightmare came true. The idea of Sagat being better looking then him was a fate worse than hell, but that was before his transformation…


"Yes," said the designer, "look at you." As he pulled out a mirror.

Vega had somehow transformed into a scruffy, fat, hairy chested, stumpy, lazy eye’d 50 year old English football hooligan.

"Oh my lord… this is my worst nightmare…" Vega hoarsely whispered, trying to keep him self from passing out.

Looking at Vega, Sagat also said, "this is my worst nightmare too…"

"How’s this YOUR worst nightmare" Vega inquired.


"I really, really fancy you…"

Vega and Sagat took a moment to gaze at each other before simultaneously screaming.


At which point the other four grabbed them and ran.

Unfortunately, the studio was awfully big, and they managed to run to the section where girl groups film their videos.

More men approached them, grabbed them, and dragged them off to the make-up rooms…

About 30 minutes screams could be heard as the fighters had

Body waxes ("ouch")

Hair grooming ("ooohhh")

Make up applied ("uugghh-stop that!!!")

And faces punched from them fidgeting ("oofff!!!"),

And because this was a nightmare-they could not fight back.

The 6 fighters were pushed onto 3 different sets.

Akuma, Balrog, and Evil Ryu had been transformed in to the "bootylicious" versions of Destiny’s Child, Sagat and M.Bison had been squeezed into teeny bopper clothes for they were Daphane and Celeste (does anyone remember those annoying little brats?) and Vega had been miraculously transformed into the ultimate teen idol…Britney spears, wearing the "stronger" video costume. Filming started, and the fighters wondered how they were going to get out of this one…

Balrog and Evil Ryu pulled faces as they were asked to "shake their bootie’s" at the camera. Weirdly though, Akuma didn’t have a problem with THAT request.

(what can I say? I’m a fan of Animenadie "truth or dare" fanfiction!!!)

Sagat and M.Bison were REALLY pissed off and decided, when they got the chance, to jump off the set when no one was looking. Vega was doing amazingly well as Britney, as his former scruffy, fat, hairy chested, stumpy, lazy eyed 50 year old English football hooligan guise had disappeared to be replaced with his own guise-dressed as Britney that is. (These rapid changes are common in dreams-and nightmares of course).

Frightening thing was, when Vega sang, he sounded EXACTLY like Britney. Now that’s scary. While the cameramen were loading the film, Sagat and M.Bison had made a break for it, running as fasts as they can in those little costumes, the male version of Destiny Child (you know who they are!) joined in running with them.

They found it quite hard to coax Vega off of his set though.

"VEGA…" bison boomed "GET OFF THE SET AND RUN!!!"

Vega hesitated

"Anyone would think you were enjoying this Vega…"

Vega blushed. Then enraged, shouted


"Then why won’t you come off the stage???" Sagat insultingly asked

"Well…because…ugghhh…the stage is so high and…uggh, I’m wearing heels"

The stage was 4 inches from the ground

"And besides…I ugghhh"

He couldn’t think of any excuses, and what really gave his real feelings away was the fact he kept looking in the mirror off the side of the stage and brushing his costume down, and of course admiring just how good he looked in that costume. (And believe me, he looked frighteningly good in that costume.)

"Uh huh" Bison muttered.

Akuma and Evil Ryu, who really hadn’t been paying attention to the other 3, just looking around for spare clothes they could change into. When they looked at Vega however, they fell madly in love.

"OHHHHHH COME HERE BABY!!!!" Evil Ryu boomed

"COME GET BOOTYLICIOUS WITH ME BABE!!!!" Akuma also boomed as they ran towards Vega.

And Vega ran towards the exit.

The other 3 simply sighed as they also followed the fighters.

As they exited the studio they were transformed into their regular selves, minus costumes and make-up. A scream came from the left of their group.

Akuma and Evil Ryu were trying to hump Vega standing up. Luckily they all had their clothes on; otherwise it could have gotten nasty. A moment later Akuma and Evil Ryu got off of Vega, looking a little bewildered. Standing and scratching their heads in confusion, they wondered what happened to that hot Britney spears impersonator and why on earth Vega had appeared in her place. When that moment had passed they put their minds on the question on hand…where the hell the exit of this nightmare was.

It was then they noticed a studio that was quite a distance form the other 4. It was placed in a field behind an iron fence.

"Hey, maybe the exit’s through that studio!" Balrog said.

And since they had any other choice or ideas, they headed towards studio 3.

They found the door marked "EXIT"

But as they walked through it, they realized that it really was just another studio.

Vega decided to just ask if someone knew the way out so he approached a rather fat, hairy man wearing a messy shirt.

Usually he would have given a man like this grooming tips, but he decided to be polite.

"Erm, excuse me…do u know how to exit this place?"

The man turned, looked him up and down…

…And grinned.

"My my my you ARE a fine specimen. Are you a model or something?"


"Then you must be an actor…"

"No…I’m not an actor either"

"Well…that’s just too bad. You certainly have the looks. Why I bet many people would love to see you in advertisements or in the movies. Have you ever considered being in a movie?"

This conversation had tripled Vega’s ego, and had it been a physical manifestation, it would have suffocated everyone within a 5-mile radius. With a huge grin on his face he replied.

" I have considered being in a movie, but never got the chance"

"Well…you’re just in luck young man as I am making a movie, and I would love to give you the lead role!!!"

Vega beamed as the fat hairy director escorted him on set.

As the other 5 were waiting by the exit for Vega, Sagat spotted a movie poster for a movie this studio produced. He blinked. Then saw Vega being escorted onto set.

"He’s making a huge mistake…"

"Why’s that Sagat?" Evil Ryu asked

"Look at the movies they make here…"

All 5 looked at the poster and their jaws dropped…