Chun-li has only beauty to offer her failing opponent. It seems all to clear this time Blanka will not recover from her mighty blow. Her eyes stare coldly at the fallen warrior. Her mind races, her face seems blank of emotions.

"What is the point, can they not see he's going to kick the bucket?" she growled in her mind. Her eyes met Blanka's, and her heart fell to the ground. As she lifted her arms ready to Kioeken the weakly Blanka, she had a flash-back of her father.

"Do not kill a deadman before his final hour" were the oddly painful words that he seemed to be shouting at Chun-li. Suddenly she fell from her daydream. Blanka's yellow eyes slowly returned to the back of his bloody green head.

''KO!'' boomed an unknown voice. Chun-li felt the warm tears flow down her face, but manged to do her winnning pose. The crowd totally flipped. The painful memory haunted her for some time, but her will had driven hard to win her fights, memory or not.