One day Chun-Li was walking by an Ice Cream shop. She stood outside as her tummy began to grumble as she smelled the Vanilla. She walked inside knowing that she will maybe not find any of the people she knew around. She sat on a stool asking the waiter to make her a chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirl put on a cone. She leaned back putting her hands behind her head. She looked around slowly then finds E.Honda gulping down an ice cream cone. She giggles placidly trying to calm down. She was doughty enough in being polite by walking over to him. She takes a seat on the table of which E.Honda's ice cream cones lie. She pats his head with a cheerful smile. "Hey Honda!!" She yells out loud to him with a laugh. "Whats up ?" Chun-Li says to him.

Honda replied back with a grin "Hey Chun-Li". He begins to look at her beautiful sights. Chun-Li shakes her head slowly as she mumbles " Sicko". Chun-Li then knew the waiter had her ice cream ready. So Chun-Li jamp up onto the stool then falled off. Her butt hits the tile floor hard she screams. Honda then begins to laugh out loud really hard. Chun-Li gets up quickly rubbing her tooshie mumbling of madness. She sits back on the stool quickly then takes the cone from the waiter. She begins to slobber all over the ice cream with every lick. She eats the cone then asks the waiter for another. Honda keeps on chuckling in the back. Chun-Li then takes the cone jumping off of her stool then onto the table infront of Honda. Next she smashes the cone into his bright red face. Chun-Li falls back laughing in her charming way. She quickly paid the young man who was the waiter for the cones. She steps outside infront of a newspaper vender. She slips in 2 quarters then takes out 1 newspaper. She begins to read something about a druglord on the front page. On her way to her Dojo she bumps into Ryu. Her shoulder pushes into his chest making her newspapers fly across the street.

Chun-Li yells at Ryu in an instant." WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING BUDDY !" She yells at him as if she was demanding. Ryu showed no apathy he just shook his shoulders since he didnt care much. " Sorry Chun-Li..." he squats down picking up the newspapers as Chun-Li's face was bright red since she became so mad of Ryu bumping into her like that. Ryu stands up slowly handing Chun-Li the newspapers. Chun-Li pulls the newspapers out of his hand so quickly. Chun-Li pats his back so hard it turns red. Ryu grabs her right then puts it behind her back pushing forward. Chun-Li screams like mad " Stop Ryu!!".

Ryu lets go gently " Chun-Li you should calm down .."

Chun-Li shakes her head " Fine alright sowwy Ryu." She gives him a bear hug then lets go. " See ya around Ryu." Ryu then nods his head. She ruefully fixes her hair with a grin. Chun-Li walks into her training room in the Dojo. She finds Ken punching into the punching bag. Chun-Li waves with a laugh. " Hey Ken !!". She runs over to Ken quickly then gives a big bear hug. Letting go slowly she takes a look around.

Ken then begins to chuckle " I'm hungry lets go out to the mall and eat!" Ken speaks to her loudly. Ken begins to rub his tummy ravenously.

Chun-Li giggles " Ok come on were going to the mall Oh yeah Ken .. I want to shop around ..Would you mind ..?"

Ken looks up at her with a small smile added with a grin. " Sure Chun-Li lets be mall rats ."Chun-Li walks into her room dressing into a regular alpha spandex suit. She then walks out putting her hair up in buns. Ken dresses up in some jeans and a regular T-shirt. They hop into their blue van then hurry on over to the mall. They both walk quickly into the mall heading over to a clothes shop. Chun-Li buys some blue jeans, and blue T-shirts . Ken then begins to purchase a fancy suit and some new sport sneakers. They buy their items. They then begin to make their way slowly over to an Italian eatery. They take a seat then a young lady waitress stands at their table saying " What can I get you two ?" She smiles.

Chun-Li replies back " Some spaghetti with that tomato sauce.

Ken replied to the young lady with a wide smile. " Some um um ...*he begins to stutter*um Some spaghetti also!" Ken shakes his head ruefully. Their order comes in 15 minutes. Theu begin to dig in quickly having some table manners. They finish their meal drinking water and wiping the sauce off of their mouths. They step out side as they hand the waitress the cash. They then walk outside into the parking lot. They find some trouble ahead. Chun-li drops her bags quickly then runs over to the trouble. She finds a young mother held at gun-point for her car while her 2 children cry in the back.

Chun-Li sneaks into the opened van takes the children outside then sets them both on a bench. She jumps up onto the van into stance " Let her go ! or I will kick some butt !" She jump down with her leg pointed foward at the man holding the gun at the young mother. She hits him right in the head. He falls back onto his back moaning from pain. The young mother cries and scurries over to her 2 children she picks them up quickly then thanks Chun-Li. Chun-Li bows then shakes her hand. " No problem I like to help." Chun-Li waves bye to the 2 children. She then runs over to Ken happily. She jumps up and down shouting out " YATAI YATAI YATAI I DID IT !!!"The people who are walking into the parking lot blink and laugh. Chun-Li shrugs then walks over to the van. She jumps in the front seat turning on the engine then Ken shuts the door behind him as he steps in. Chun-Li drives back to the dojo to calm down for the rest of the day. She parks infront of the Dojo sideway. Then gets out quickly running inside. She runs into her room jumping on her bed falling fast asleep. Ken walks in slowly shaking his head about Chun-Li's silly actions. He sets his bags on the couch then walks over to his room shutting the door behind him. They both fall sound asleep for the rest of the day.