Sadness and Rage

Chun-Li awoke and found Ken in the Kitchen making breakfast. She sat down on the dining table with her baby blue robe. Her hair was a complete mess, the strands of hair dangling from her head. She rubbed her eyes gently and raised her head looking at Ken.

She said with a soft tired voice "Let's go to Interpol. I need to get some work done."

Ken replied with a laugh "Sure thing Chun-Li let's just get a good breakfast to start our day."

Ken served himself and Chun-Li with scrambled eggs, French Toast, and some sweet red tea.

They sat down and enjoyed the meal then went ahead in their rooms to take a shower. Chun-Li dressed in a different outfit. A business outfit with loose pants and a long sleeved suit with a tie. Dark blue as the main color suit with a golden tie, with some dressy shoes dark blue.

She put her hair in two buns perfectly to start a new day.

Ken and Chun-Li were ready to step out the door and drive to Interpol, Then suddenly

Chun-Li put her foot ahead of the door and said to him sadly "I had a terrible dream. The dream was about Vega attacking my father and throwing his dead corpse off of a cliff into a forest!! I must contact Bison and Vega and get my revenge. I must get payback."

Ken replied with a smirk "Hold on Chun-Li you've been through alot lately and I don't think you should do that."

Chun-Li shook her head with a laugh. "Not my way!"

They both headed out to the jeep and drove off into the city to go to Interpol.

Ken drove happily as Chun-Li sat next to him with a grin. She was watching every car around her. She knew something was after her.

Chun-Li put her eyes gazed on a weird looking van. Rusted and gray. The driver was suspicious and was driving very slowly and fluently. Suddenly Sagat bursts through the back doors and jumps onto the hood of the jeep. Chun-Li screams and gets angry. She stands up in her seat while Ken is going top speed to get Sagat off of the hood. Ken pops the hood open and drives swirving around insanely not knowing where he is going. The jeep crashes into a tree and both Sagat and Chun-Li fly off and hit the ground. They landed near a lake where bushes and weeds hid the two. Ken jamp out out of the car just before it crahsed. He hit the ground gently and stood up with some scratches and brusies. Meanwhile Chun-Li and Sagat were waking up from the fall. Chun-Li awoke before Sagat then kicked at his head. Just before her foot hit his head he grabbed it and pulled her down.

He then grabbed her by the neck and stood up holding her tightly. Chun-Li said with a screechy voice "Let me go you bastard!" She tries scratching at his bald head and kicking at his testicles. She succeeded and she was then dropped. Chun-Li tried to get some air since she almost passed out.

Ken in the meanwhile was looking desperately for Chun-Li. Yelling out her name. Still Chun-Li was able to breathe well or speak.

Chun-Li stood up with all of her strength and put up her fists in her stance. Her hair filled with small twigs and leaves. Her clothes dirty with mud and grass stains. Sagat stood up with a mightly manly laugh. He put his hands on his hips and stood back. "Wait don't tell me! You want to hit me! You weak pathetic woman!"

Chun-Li did a flip and landed right behind him. She grabbed him and spun him around. He stood infront of her with a smirk. She kicked him down and held him heavily down with her legs. She stepped onto his face and lifted her arms in the air spinning herself. This ruined his face and caused bruises with every impact on the spin.

He grabbed her legs and her back fell onto his chest. Her lifted his leg and kicked her several feet away to her stomach. Chun-Li lay on the ground motionless gasping for air.

He grabbed her and held her by her hair. He punched her nose and stomach massively with all of his strength. He through Chun-Li through the bushes and weeds and she land right behind the jeep. Ken's eyes widened he filled with anger. Her picked up Chun-Li and put her in the back seat.

Ken dashed through the bushes and finds Sagat laughing softly from the quick fight. Ken runs back and jumps up kicking him in the face. Ken rushes back to the van and drives off to the hospital.

Ken runs out of the jeep insanely carrying Chun-Li "I NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE!!" Some employees rush Chun-Li onto a stretcher and rush her to a room.

Ken stands by her side as the ivy pumps through her bloodstream. Her bruises and aching bones which were cracked and dashed around covered with bandages and a cast.

Chun-Li awoke with a small smile "Hey..Ken.."

Ken held her left hand tightly. "Your going to be fine, Chun. Hang in there. I'll fix this problem once and for all"

Chun-Li fell into a deep sleep.

2 Weeks later Chun-Li was taken to her house by Ken. He put her in her bed and covered her with bedsheets.

While Chun-Li was healing. Ken was outside in the backyard under the tree practing his kicks and punches on the three.

He punched with all of his might. Sweat dripped from his forehead and down to his chin.

He sat down on a stool and wiped off his sweat. Chugging down some bottled water he left the water drip down his neck onto his chest to cool him down.

He looked up hearing fast movements from above. He saw Vega moving from branch to branch like a squirrel.

Ken coughed on his water as he looked up and found Vega.

"'s Ken I found in a trap.." "Meet your death weak one."

Vega jamp down from his branch and landed gently. He took off his mask and stuck out his tounge like a maniac. "Chun-Li awaits her attack too.." He looking away chuckling.."Bison is going to get his feast.."

Kens eyes widened with such anger. He through his water and got into stance. They both ran to eachother. Ken and Vega punched at eachother blocking and dodging kicks and moves.

Ken tripped Vega and stomped onto his chest. Ken put on a small smirk and arose his foot to Vega's neck trying to snap him.

Vega reached out and scratched Ken with his claws. Ken fell back and punched Vega deep in the chest. Ken then dragged Vega around and threw him into a pile of roses.

Vega stood up grabbing a rose and putting it in his mouth. He ran to Ken and kicked him back.

Vega ran inside the house screaming of anger.

He kicked down Chun-Li's door and stepped in with a wicked laugh. Chun-Li awoke then crawled out of her bed.

She stood up and ran slowly to the jeep. Vega chased her like a fox onto a rabbit.

She backed up the jeep and waited for him to come close.

She pressed on the gas and drove foward running him over knocking him down.

She turns off the jeep and grabbed the keys running inside to the phone. She called interpol "Someone come down here. I have someone you might need for questioning."

She dropped to the floor with a laugh and a tear. Ken ran in "Im getting too old for this! Wait Im already old.."

"No worry Ken I called they are gonna pick up the trash in the front."

"Who?" Said ken.


"Chun-Li I think we should stay at a hotel for a while. We don't want anyone else after us."

Ken and Chun-Li rushed to their rooms and packed some things in small luggage. Then drove out to the nearest Hotel. They borrowed a room and stayed there.

Now they knew that they need more training and a big comeback for the bust.