Clash Of The Warriors Chapter 1

Morrigan was in her castle and was very upset. Her master wouldn't let her leave.

Morrigan: I've got to get out of here. Hmm.... I know!

Morrigan runs to her computer and looks for a tournament in the planet earth.

Morrigan: Ah-ha! I found a tournament! Now I will show my true power and prove to my master that I am not a weak little girl! I'm leaving but before I do that I must see Demitri. Oh how I love him. There will be no other as good looking as my Demitri. But what will I wear? I know I'll wear my outfit that I look good in.

Morrigan looks through her stuff and finds her outfit. She puts it on and flies out of her window. She arrives at his castle.

Morrigan: Demitri I'm going away to the planet Earth to enter a tournament wish me luck!

Morrigan blows a kiss at Demitri and flies away.

Demitri: Augh! She might get herself killed. Oh well I will just have to go out with her little sister Lilth. Now where is that little girl?

At planet Earth.....

Chun Li: This tournament might be backed up by shadowlaw so I must keep a sharp eye out, Ryu will you help me please?

Chun Li grabs Ryu's left arm and puts her head against his arm and rubs her head against his muscular arm. Ryu looks at Chun Li and smiles.

Ryu: Of course I will.

Chun Li: Yes!

Chun Li jumps up in joy.

Ryu: Sakura, you're too young for me anyways.

Sakura:You don't like me? Wawawaa!

Chun Li: Oh shut up!

Chun Li runs toward Sakura.

Ryu: ChunLi stop!

Sakura: My Ryu loves me!

Ryu: You can fight her in the tournament.

Sakura: What! No!

Ryu and Chun Li both laugh, hold hands and walk away.

At the arena...

Morrigan: Phew. That was a long flight.

Morrigan feels two strong vibes and turns around. She sees Ryu and Chun Li appraoching the arena. But Morrigan dosen't look at Chun Li she looks at Ryu.

Morrigan: Oh my devil! He is sexier than Demitri!! I will win him at the tournament once he sees me in my graceful form of fighting! My breast, strength, ass and beauty will will win him over to me.

Morrigan has no doubts on winning Ryu's heart. Then suddenly Morrigan feels Soul Power near by.

Morrigan: Soul Power? *Shrieks* Could it be that Lilth followed me? No that power is too powerful to be hers. It's the same strength as mine. This can't be! I'm the master of Soul Power!!

All the fighters lined up for the tournament.

Rose: This should be interesting.

Morrigan looks at Rose.

Morrigan:I t's you! It's you! You use my technique Soul Power!!

Rose: Oh so you use Soul Power too? I am looking foward to our fight.

Morrigan: How can you say this so calmly! You bitch that's my technique Soul Power!!

Rose: Oh well.*smirks* I'm pretty sure you'll lose to me.

Morrigan: Son of a ....

Ryu: Can you girls hush down please? The tournament is about to start.

Morrigan: Oh sure.*smiles*

Ryu: Thank you.

A little man walks in the room with all the fighters.

Lil man: Is Cammy and Dan in here?

Cammy: Yeah I'm here.

Dan: Yes I'm here sexy boy wanna go rock the boat?

Lil man: What? Go out and fight Cammy!

Dan: Ok sexy.

Cammy and Dan were ready for each other.


Cammy: Spinning drill!

Cammy hits Dan and Dan flies to the corner

Dan: Oww. You broke my nail!

Dan smacks Cammy in the face several times.

Cammy: Be gone bastard!!!

Cammy attacks Dan with a very powerful spinning drill and sends him up in the air.

Dan: Ahhh.

Cammy: K.O.! Hahaha!

Lil man: Winner Cammy. Good one. Well anyway our next fight is Morrigan versus Vega.

Morrigan: Yes!

Lil man: Ready...Fight!!

Morrigan: This should be easy. Soul Fist!

Morrigan punches grabs Vega and slaps him like as if he were a stuffed animal.

Morrigan: Too easy!

She lets go of him and then hits him with a shadowblade.

Vega: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Little Man: K.O. Morrigan wins. Perfect victory.

Morrigan: Oh damn. I split a hair.

Little Man: Okay our next fight is Chun Li versus Sakura.

Sakura: Hmmm.. I'm gonna win!!

Chun Li: Hahahahahaha!*starts craking up*Sakura keep dreaming.

Little Man: Ready..Fight!

Sakura leaps into the air.

Chun Li: Wrong move young slut!

Chun Li jumps up and counters Sakura with a lighting attack up in the air.


Sakura falls to the ground and gets up with a broken arm. Chun Li does a reapting lighting kick and wins.