Clash Of The Warriors Chapter 3

Morrigan and Ryu walk to a room in the hotel nearby.

Chun Li: Morrigan that bitch! She stole my man away from me. I will destroy her... but she has such incredible power. No one can stand against her. Wait! I know who!

Meanwhile in the room with Morrigan and Ryu....

Ryu: Morrigan what is it like in the Demon World?

Morrigan: Why it's beautiful of course. There are people dieing and you get the picture.

Ryu: Seems like a living Hell there.

Morrigan: Don't worry, no one in my planet can stand a chance againsst you and me. After all I am the queen. And once I have total control of that world I will be the most powerful and beautifullest woman alive, and you will be my king. Demitri will be jealous.

Ryu: Who is Demitri?

Morrigan: Oh.. my ex-boyfriend. Well I'm going to take a bath. I'm so tired from the tournament.

Morrigan: Ryu are you a virgin?

Ryu:Yes why?

Morrigan: Oh.. I thought that you weren't because look at you. You can win the worlds sexiest man alive award.

Morrigan walks to the bathroom. She shuts the door.