Clash Of The Warriors Chapter 6

Morrigan: Storm, sorry I'm late.

Storm: No problem.

Morrigan: You know how jealous women get.

Storm: Yeah I know.

Morrigan: So are you ready?

Storm: Ok.

Morrigan: Wait! Just because I'm pregnant don't show me mercy.

Storm*sighs* Ok. Can we fight already?

Morrigan: Ok let's go.

Storm: Lightning attack.

Storm's hand merges with electrical energy charging at Morrigan.

Morrigan: Die of rage.

Morrigan flies high in the air and charges down at Storm with her wing.

Storm: Ahhh!

Storm falls down on one of her knees and gets back up.

Storm: Lightning storm!

Electricity is sparking everywhere and Morrigan gets hit.

Morrigan: Golden bat attack!

Morrigan forms her hands together and shoots out a golden bat. The bat flies toward Storm and bites her.

Storm: Ice storm!

Storm flies in the air and hailstones fall from the sky.

Morrigan: What the fu*k!

Morrigan's wings cover her. After the ice stopped falling from the ground Morrigan flew up in the air. Morrigan looks around for Storm.

Morrigan: Where are you.

Morrigan closes her eyes and concentrates seeking for Storm's power. She opens her eyes and shoots a beam of energy at a tree. Storm falls out of the tree.

Storm: Ahh!

Morrigan: Can you at least do something that will make me want to fight you more.

Storm slowly gets up.

Storm: Typhoon.

A strong wind throws Morrigan to the ground. Meanwhile at interpol.....

Chun Li: Sakura is dead, and Morrigan will soon be too.

She leans on her chair. Chun Li:*thinking*Morrigan dieing at her feet. Cammy runs in.

Cammy: Chun Li!! Chun Li!!!

Chun Li: Cammy what is it?

Cammy: Ryu is killing almost all the male street fighters. His next target is Guy.

Chun Li: How horrible, what a disgrace and why do I care.

Cammy:* yells*Chun Li you've got to get over the fact that Ryu likes Morrigan more than you! Stubborn bitch!

Chun Li: How dare you!

Cammy:And your suppossed to be the strongest woman in the world. I'm damn happy that Morrigan took your title.

Chun Li: I will kill Ryu and Morrigan. Right after I eat a bigmac.

Cammy: ......*slaps Chun Li in the back of the head* Bitch how can you just let this happen? Don't you know that if Ryu kills all the street fighters that there will be no street fighters.

Chun Li: Well duh that's common sense.

Cammy: And how will all your fans feel when they find out about this?

Chun Li: You know what I really don't care. I'm a police officer not God. If I were God then Heaven will have all men all the time.

Cammy:* shakes head* Why did I ever come here in the first place. I could stop Ryu all bymyself.*leaves and slams the door*

Chun Li: What ever.*eats bigmac*

Somewhere in China town.

Ryu: Get over here!

Guy: Get away from me.

Ryu: I will take over this world with Morrigan. We will reproduce many children and watch them grow on this world.

Guy: Man you're crazy.

Ryu: We are going to eliminate all the Street Fighters.

Guy: You know that there are over many fighters on this planet.

Ryu: Yes. I will first take down Capcom and then Marvel.

Guy: What about Snk?

Ryu: Morrigan can handle those freaks.

Guy: I hope you go to Hell.

Back at Storm and Morrigan's fight.... Morrigan and Storm are both weak.

Morrigan: Regain health!

Morrigan flashes a light and her bleeds and marks are gone.

Storm: I forfit. I can't beat you.

Morrigan: Ha ha! I truly am the strongest woman in the world.