*picks up sword and chops them into fine edible delights*

All you have to do now is cook them and have a side of vegetables and a cold beer to go down smooth! Hamster tastes pretty good but I never had Pikachu for dinner! This is going to be good!

*starts roasting them over an open fire along with potatoes*

If anybody wants some just ask! I have Hamsteak, pika-leg, pika-ham sausage...just tell me which one you want! But I keep the steak!

Next thing to roast is going to be Jigglypuff! Refer to Dr. S to stay awake when it sings!

To me that thing looks like a butterball ham!

*puts it on a stick and roasts whole*

We're gonna feast today! Somebody get me one of those magikarp and maybe an do-trio!

Have you ever had a bloody mary made of power puff girls? I haven't either! But now is the best time to try!

*take the power puff girls and grinds them in the grinder and then blends them with vodka and other spicies!*

There! *takes sip* That taste great! I fell energized!

*Onizuka starts flying around the place but still is watching his food roasting over the fire!*

*gets the sesame street gang and makes a giant soup out of them*

Anyone up for soup! Throw some ham-steak in there and you're good to go! Here comes Sponge Bob Square patties! Fresh with a side of Patrick sauce! Don't forget to top it all of with a Dora and Blue cheese cake explorer dish! The best thing you'll ever taste!

We have some Lamb-Chop coming on the grill and Barney chunks are on the way! Anyone wants smurf cookies? Or how about Harry Potter Ham Sandwichies? I just made this new dish called torchic salad!...huh!...Huh! You know that's going to be good and low on carbs! Eurika's Castle Mystic candy bars are here now! And Muppet Baby-on-a-stick is also roasting!

Here comes the gingerbread Barbie dolls and some strawberry shortcake cakes and a drink for the ladies, Pink pony sunrise!

Ah! Mickey Mouse Parfait! Here's your Roasted Cherry Donald Duck under a platter! Goofy?...What the hell can I do with Goofy!?....Hmmmmm....AHA! Chopped Goofy bits for Mr. Fluffykins! (song)

-1 fish, 2 fish, mix with, Suess fish, makes this, a great dish, to go with, a danish!

-Furbie, potatoes, and some, tomatoes, goes with, fritoes, or cut off, his toes!

-Caaaaaaaare Beaaaaaaaars!, maaaaaaaaaakes great, Gummmmmmmy Beaaaaaaaaaars,(background singers)

-Yummy gummy bea-ee-aa-eee-ears!

-Snitch! dunnannanaaaaaa! Lilo! Nuunnaannaaaaa! Meaty! DunanaaNunaaaaa! Tacos! BaDuMaNanaaaquaaaa!


Here comes the Grand Salad mixed with some Garfield sliced meat!

-custom quote- "Earth....(chocolate),fire....(cherry), wind....(green apple), water....(blueberry), heart!...(strawberry)....Go! Planet! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!(aka-fruity sundae!)

-theme song from Captain Planet cartoon show

-sing it aloud with your friend and family!

-Captain Fruity!....He's a sundae!....He's gonna stay in you!....Until next Monday!....Freshly made!....With friuts and Ice-cream!....He's gonna feed you!....Till you dont wan't any! Remember!...The secret fudge!...ISSSS.....Yourrrrrrssssss!


Chip...munks........cereal chunks Chip...munks........cereal chunks

Didn't I eat you pikachu!?

-gets pikachu dices it into pieces-

everyone likes little mermaid fried! Along with lobster!

I also fried mother goose! I hated that it tried to sing a lulaby to get away! Almost worked if it wasn't for no-doze!

*These things are Great! If you have a request then make it and I'll cook it! *