**By the next day, the money from the 2 cases had been collected and split among the 3 partners. A big chunk of it went to start paying the loan off. Cammy and Guy were paid well and the office was starting to look really good. They had their name printed on the door and Guy had his office built in, rather than a cubicle divider. Ming started school that day. Chun-Li was at her desk watching soap operas when the phone rang.**

Chun-Li: PLEASE be a client!!! (picks up the phone) Damsels of Distress, how may I help you?

Ryu: It's me.

Chun-Li: Hi, Ryu. What do you have for me?

Ryu: Well, as far as Cammy goes, Bison has been cloning Juni and Juli.

Chun-Li: They are clones of Cammy! You can't clone a clone.

Ryu: That's what he's starting to figure out. KEN!!! STOP TRYING TO CHEW YOUR WAY THROUGH THE DRYWALL!!! IT WON'T WORK AND IT TASTES NASTY!! GET BACK TO PLEASURING ME!!! Anyway, he needs a new sample of Cammy's DNA because cloning Juni and Juli didn't work. You know how stupid they came out, just imagine what THEIR clones are like!

Chun-Li: This has disaster written all over it. Have you met them?

Ryu: No. He said he tried a male version, but it came out weird. Hmmm, maybe he could clone Brad Pitt for me...

Chun-Li: A male version of Cammy? Scary. Anything else?

Ryu: Yes, there's one more thing. Bison's holding a party to celebrate his grand re-opening. If you want him, go to the party incognito and take him out. I won't tell him. He is my main supply for boys, but now that Ken is my prisoner of love, I don't really need him anymore. The party is in the Grand Ritz hotel in New York, right where you live!

Chun-Li: Hmmmm, how convenient. Thanks, Ryu. Keep it coming.

Ryu: I will. Thanks for bringing Ken here! He's been serving me well. KEN!!!!! FETCH MY PINK SCARF AND MAKE IT SNAPPY THIS TIME!! MY SPIKED WHIP IS WAITING FOR YOUR TASTY ASS!!!

Chun-Li: Ummm, I think I'll let you go now.

Ryu: Just as well. His screaming is quite unpleasant to the untrained ear. When I whip him, he can't control his loud expressions of pleasure and pain. It's music to my ears.

Chun-Li: Glad to see you're enjoying each other's company. Bye!

Ryu: Bye!

**Chun-Li hung up the phone and called Guy and Cammy out of their offices.**

Chun-Li: I just spoke to Ryu.

Cammy: Is Ken still alive?

Chun-Li: Alive, but in pain. I've got some good and bad news concerning Bison.

Guy: Bad news first.

Chun-Li: Bison tried cloning Juni and Juli.

Cammy: Dear lord!!!!

Chun-Li: It gets worse. He tried to make a MALE version!

Cammy: That's an insult to my genetic makeup.

Chun-Li: Watch your back, because he wants a fresh sample of your DNA to make better clones.

Cammy: Let him try. I'll feed him to Ryu.

Chun-Li: Ha!! That's so silly!! Ryu would probably get confused and think Bison's butt chin is an actual ass and start humping away on it!!

Cammy: (giggles) That's so funny!!

Guy: (shakes his head) What's the good news?

Chun-Li: Bison's coming to town.

Guy: How is this a good thing?

Chun-Li: He's holding a party at the Ritz to celebrate the revival of his crack dealership. He and all his clients will be there and vulnerable.

Cammy: We should call Interpol to take them all in.

Chun-Li: No, I've had enough of that. He's not escaping me again. My leg is all fixed up. (gets up and starts performing her lightning kick in the middle of the office) He's going to die this time.

Cammy: Amen! Now you're speaking my language.

Guy: This is a bad idea. I think we should go with the police.

Chun-Li: It's simple. I'll attend the party with you while Cammy keeps an eye on things. We'll get him away from all his stupid bodyguards and take him out. If things get crazy, Cammy can always bust in. You guys can be my lookouts.

Guy: It can't be that simple.

Cammy: When I was a jewel thief, our plans were usually as simple as possible. Some of my biggest heists were planned in under 5 minutes. I'm telling you, I think we can pull this off.

Guy: What about his powers?

Chun-Li: I've knocked him senseless before and I can do it again.

Cammy: Oooooooh, I smell firearms!!

Chun-Li: That's right. We'll need fire power for this one.

Cammy: Well, you're working with the right girl.

Guy: What are you going to do? Go to the party with a semi-automatic rifle?

Chun-Li: Don't be silly, I won't be using big guns.

Cammy: That's my job. Besides, semi-automatics are for pussies. Mine are fully or nothing.

Chun-Li: Now that's what I'm talking about. I have a nice collection of concealable pistols.

Cammy: Want uzis? I have uzis!

Chun-Li: I LOVE uzis!! But there's no way I'm getting in with that. I'll go with the pistol strapped to my leg.

Cammy: Whatever. I'll definitely have my sniper and some of my other favorites.

Chun-Li: We'll be wired in to you. You can tell us where the guards are and how to get Bison alone.

Guy: Chun-Li, he knows your face anywhere. If he recognizes you...

Chun-Li: Don't sweat it. I'll lay low. Besides, he hasn't seen me in years.

Cammy: Better not wear those buns in your hair.

Chun-Li: Good idea. Hmmm, I have just the thing to wear...

Cammy: Guaranteed to be slutty.

Chun-Li: You're lucky, you get to wear fun stuff.

Cammy: Oooooh, I get to wear all black and a hat and war paint!!

Guy: So I'll be your date? This might not be so bad...

Cammy: You ruined my happy thoughts with your pukish romance.

**The door opened and a medium height redhead with green eyes entered the office. She had a perfect body and was wearing a bright yellow spandex belly shirt with matching plastic pants. She also wore yellow platforms. She was pretty, but looked rather cheap.**

Cammy: Nettiebear!!

Redhead: Cam-Cam!!!

**The two girls hugged and to Guy and Chun-Li's astonishment, they kissed.**

Cammy: This is Netasha. Nettiebear, this is Chun-Li and this is Guy.

Netasha: Hi!

Chun-Li: (stares disapprovingly at Cammy's new girlfriend)

Guy: H...Hello...

**Netasha walked around the office and smiled. She approached Chun-Li's desk and sat her yellow plastic-clad ass on Chun-Li's personalized desk calendar. Chun-Li snapped the pencil that she was holding and started to breather heavily. How dare this girl come in here wearing what looks to be the remains of a raincoat and her fake chest and sit on HER desk? Chun-Li automatically hated this girl. She glared at her while Cammy couldn't keep her eyes off her. She hung on ever word she said. Guy was interested as well. Even Chun-Li wasn't showing as much cleavage.**

Netasha: This place is pretty. I like it.

Cammy: Chun-Li decorated it.

Netasha: You did a good job.

Chun-Li: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........thanks.

Netasha: You're pretty. Do you have a girlfriend? If not, you could go with me and Cam-Cam to the clubs. You'll find someone there.

Cammy: Chun-Li likes men, honey.

Netasha: Ewwwwwwww, men.

Chun-Li: Cammy, I need to talk to you in your office.

Cammy: Ok, come on, Nettiebear.

Chun-Li: ALONE!!!!

**Chun-Li dragged Cammy into the office.

Guy: So, this weather's pretty crazy lately, huh?

Netasha: (turns her head away from Guy) I hate men.

**In Cammy's office...*

Chun-Li: Get that...that THING out of my office!!!

Cammy: You don't like her? She's great!!

Chun-Li: She's filth!! That outfit reminds me of a rubber ducky!! She's dumb as bricks and she thought I was a lesbian!!

Cammy: You're just jealous!

Chun-Li: Of what? Her sacks of silicone?

Cammy: They're real.

Chun-Li: About as real as the food in a school cafeteria!!

Cammy: They're just as big as yours and you can't handle it.

Chun-Li: Mine are home-grown, honey. No additives or preservatives.

Cammy: Lots of people think yours are fake too. Jealous, sour bitches who are insecure, like you are right now!!

Chun-Li: She'd better not be around much.

**Chun-Li came back into the office, where Netasha and Guy sat in complete silence.

Netasha: Good, you're back. You left me out here with this...this BOY!

Cammy: I'm sorry, baby.

Netasha: It's OK. I could never stay mad at you, Cam-Cam. I'm sorry I thought you were gay, Chun-Li. You just seem that way. I'm usually never wrong.

Chun-Li: I seem like a dyke. That's great. Anyway, I have work to do, so would you mind moving?

Netasha: (gets off the desk) I'm sorry.

Guy: So, what do you do for a living?

Netasha: I'm an exotic dancer.

Cammy: Maybe Chun-Li could give you some pointers.

Chun-Li: Shut up!!!!

Guy: YOU were a stripper?

Netasha: The term is exotic dancer.

Cammy: I was just kidding. (shoots a look at Chun-Li that says "You owe me one")

**After Netasha left, Chun-Li was in a much better mood. She checked the shadowloo website for the time of the party. Guy rented a tux and Cammy prepared her weapons and gear. The party would be tomorrow night and they needed to have everything ready. Chun-Li stayed late in the office, putting the finishing touches on the Damsels of Distress website. It was about 11:45 when she heard a noise behind her and felt a draft. She turned around and saw only an open window. She knew that she had closed it earlier. She turned back to her desk and gasped at what she saw standing before her.**