. **Chun-Li and Guy entered the party. It was a beautiful ballroom and it was packed with all of Bison's associates, in their most formal attire. They stood beside the champagne table and looked at their surroundings.**

Chun-Li: (sips her champagne) Wow, you'd never believe that all these people are coke fiends!!

Cammy: (over the headset) Don't get too drunk or you won't be able to pull this off!!

Chun-Li: Please, I know what I'm doing. I'm a big girl, I can hold my alcohol.

**Cammy was on the roof, watching through the skylight.**

Guy: What's up?

Cammy: Well, the guards are pretty obvious, considering they're rather huge, muscle-bound chaps with walkie-talkies.

Chun-Li: They're not high-tech spies like us. I feel like I'm in a James Bond movie!!

Cammy: If this were a Bond movie, you would be dead. The women always die.

Chun-Li: Will you please call me 007?

Cammy: No!! Shut your trap and let me find Bison. Take guy and go mingle or dance or something.

Guy: That's a great idea...you know, to blend in with the crowd.

Chun-Li: Then let the blending begin.

**Chun-Li and Guy talked to some of the guests. Most of them only wanted to talk about drugs.**

Man: I like Shadowloo because they sell crack real cheap. I sell to a lot of people, so it really makes a difference.

Chun-Li: Mmm, mmmm, I just love crack!!

Cammy: You're dying down there!!

Guy: So, you must make a lot of profit then!

Man: Everyone you see here deals. Since Shadowloo is the cheapest, we sell the stuff for full street price and make a lot of money. We're all loaded and we owe it all to drugs.

Cammy: You don't know what you're talking about!! Get out of there and start dancing.

Man: So, if you guys don't deal, what do you do?

Chun-Li: We should go dance now.

Guy: Right. Later!!

**Chun-Li and guy walked to the dance floor and began to slow-dance. Guy was in heaven until he heard Cammy's voice over the radio**

Cammy: I can't find him!!

Chun-Li: Keep looking, he's gotta be around here somewhere.

Guy: Maybe he's still in his hotel room.

Cammy: All the lights are off. Everyone's at the party. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Cammy was cut off when she felt a strong hand choking her.**

Chun-Li: (stops dancing) Cammy? Cammy, are you there?

Guy: What happened? She couldn't have fallen off the roof!!

Chun-Li: BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Cammy flipped her attacker. He landed with his feet hovering above the roof. It was Bison and he was in a Tux.**

Cammy: All dressed up for little old me? You shouldn't have.

**Cammy's headset had been knocked off by the attack and it was lying just a few feet away from Cammy and Bison**

Bison: Did you three brats think I'm stupid? I knew you would show up. This is a trap that I've devised!! Muhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Chun-Li: Damnit!!! That son of a bitch!!!

Guy: What do we do?

Chun-Li: We're going up there.

**Chun-Li and Guy ran to the elevators, where they were cut off by a couple of guards. They turned and headed for the stairs. Shots rang out from the guards and the music stopped. Everyone watched. When they got to the stairs, Guy kicked a gun out of one of the guard's hands. He used it to shoot at the ones along the stairs. Chun-Li took her pistol out and helped Guy take them down while they ran up the stairs.**

**Meanwhile, Cammy fought Bison on the roof. She threw a sidekick at his chest and he caught it. She swung her other leg around and caught his face. He let go of her leg and she landed on her feet. She slugged him in his face a few times, then he started to fight back. He tossed poor little Cammy like a rag doll. She rolled and whipped her gun out.**

Bison: Uh-Oh!!

Cammy: Time to die!!

Bison: Cammy, I never thought it would come to this. I practically created you!!

Cammy: I'm not one of your stupid lab creations! You stole me from my home and erased all my memories!! You ruined my life and it's never been the same!!

Bison: I made you better. I trained you to be the skilled warrior that you are today. You may have broken free from my control, but you still live to kill, just as I taught you!!

Cammy: You bloody wanker, you did more than that!! Because of you, I'm not even attracted to men anymore!! The thought of you makes me sick and I'm going to see that you'll never make another clone again!!

Chun-Li: Hiya!!!!!!!!!!

**Chun-Li ran up to Bison with a flying fist. He hit the ground with a giant thud.**


Guy: Give it up, Bison, it's 3 against 1 and we're all armed.

Bison: I can easily take all 3 of you!! You put your guns down and I won't use my psycho powers.

Cammy: (keeps her gun pointed at Bison's head) That's the oldest trick in the book! Is my name Jean Claude Van Damme? Don't try your stupid tricks with me!! Beg for your life!!

Bison: Never!! Seize them!!

**The guards had finally caught up. Bison teleported away from Cammy and the guards went after her. Guy and Cammy shot at the guards while Chun-Li ran after Bison.**


Bison: (appears before Chun-Li) Muhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! You will never.....

**Chun-Li shot him square in the face. He fell to the ground and covered his face in pain. Soon, they both realized that Chun-Li had run out of bullets.**

Bison: Muhahahahahaha!!!!!! It's destiny!! You'll never kill me!!

Chun-Li: I'm through with your stupid games!! I'm keeping my cream cheese this time!!

**Chun-Li wheel kicked Bison across his face. He teleported behind her and began pummeling her with a series of kicks and punches. Since she was in a dress and heels, she wasn't doing very well. What's with this chick and not being prepared for battles? Anyway, Cammy turned to see Mr. White standing in his usual trench coat on the corner of the building**

Cammy: Bloody stalker, what are you doing here?

Mr. White: I'm a part of you, Cameron Jennifer White!!

Chun-Li: (looks up while Bison has her in a headlock) Ha ha!! Cameron Jennifer!!!

Cammy: Shut up, Chun-Li!!! What do you mean you're a part of me? Oh, well. Who cares, I'll shoot you anyway. (raises her gun)

Mr. White: I came from your DNA!!

Cammy: Dear lord, it's another bloody clone. Hmmm, I don't look bad as a man...

Mr. White: Too bad we couldn't serve our master together. We could've made a good team (starts walking toward Cammy)

Cammy: Well, I decided that I would like to think as a normal human being, thank you.

Mr. White: My sisters and I have been instructed to kill you...

**Juni and Juli emerged from the shadows and advanced with Mr. White toward Cammy**

Cammy: I made you and I can break you!! (tosses her gun to Guy and begins fighting with her 3 clones)

**Meanwhile the battle raged on between Chun-Li and Bison.**

Bison: I'll toss you right off this building, just like your father!!

Chun-Li: Well, it's a good thing my father taught me well before you took him out.

**Chun-Li began focusing her chi energy into her hands. Bison laughed as the small blue ball of energy appeared between her open hands. He had seen her rather pathetic fireball before and it held about as much energy as one of Ryu's punches. To his surprise and horror, it grew and grew until it was so large and so bright that he couldn't look directly into it. He covered his eyes and she released the fireball. It sent him flying over the side of the building. When Chun-Li, Cammy, and Guy ran to the edge and looked down, They saw him, covered in blue flames and falling to his death, screaming obscenities at his killer. By the time he landed, he was burnt to a crisp. Even his metal armor was melted, due to the intense heat of the fireball.**

Cammy: Damn!!!

Guy: Wow, that was potent.

Chun-Li: I...I'm shaking....

Cammy: Look at her hands!! They're still glowing!!

**Cammy had killed her clones by hand while Guy had shot all the guards down. The guests fled the hotel and the police began to arrive. Cammy dropped a rope over the side of the building and the three investigators/Street Fighters scaled down and escaped out the back alley. Cammy called Netasha from Chun-Li's cell phone and she came by to pick them up. The Bison ordeal was finally over.**