*Chun-Li sat alone in the office that she had rented. 3 weeks ago, she called in for a business loan and they gave it to her. Unfortunately, she was in excruciating pain due to the fact that she went in to get the loan without her cane and walked on her bad leg with her full weight. She got an office on the second floor of an old brick building. The sign outside was blank, for she had not thought of a name for her business yet. Walking inside the door, to the left stood about 4 chairs against the wall with a couple of magazines on the table. The file cabinet stood just beyond the chairs. To the right and in the corner was a large desk. On it were a brand new computer, phone tracking devices, a fax, and a phone, all purchased with her business loan. Also, she had bought a small cam-corder, a digital camera, and a professional photographer's camera. Beyond her desk was a TV tray with a small black and white TV where Chun-Li could watch her soap operas while working. In the back corner was a small separate mini office with a desk and small file cabinet. This would be her partner's office. She was halfway through her lunch burrito from Taco Bell and was crying over a character's breakup on her 2:00 soap when there was a knock on the door.*

Chun-Li: (with her mouth full) "Come in!!"

*A short Japanese man wearing an orange shirt walked in. He looked sort of familiar, but he was wearing glasses and his hair was different."

Man: "I'm here about the job....."

*a week ago, Chun-Li had posted an ad in the newspaper. It read as follows:

A recently started private investigation agency seeks a partner with a possible police, detective, or legal background with computer skills and a good eye for evidence. Walk in's are welcome. 5543 Hartward st. second floor (no name yet) Bring your resume and references. This was the first person to answer the ad.*

Chun-Li: (turns around and wipes her eyes) "Well, have a seat and we'll get down to business."

Man: "Hey, what's the matter?"

Chun-Li: "David broke up with Samantha for her evil twin sister, Sabrina and poor Sammy is pregnant with his child!"

Man: "Send her my regards."

*Chun-Li flipped her waist-length hair over her shoulder and away from her wet face, and that's when the man recognized her.*

Guy: "Chun-Li?"

Chun-Li: "Yea......."

Guy: "WOW!! I haven't seen you since Alpha 2!!! You look......amazing!"

Chun-Li: "GUY???? Holy Shit!!!! You look so mature!!! I didn't recognize you at all!!!!"

Guy: "Congratulations on winning the 'Strongest Woman in the World' title in Street Fighter 2. I knew you would make it."

Chun-Li: "Thanx!! I haven't done a Street Fighter Tournament since, though."

Guy: "Yeah, I haven't gone back, either. Gee, it's been 6 years since I've seen you! Did you ever get Bison?"

Chun-Li: "I kicked his ass a couple of times. I never arrested him though. He's still around somewhere."

Guy: "I guess he's not causing any trouble."

Chun-Li: "He's probably doing circus sideshows. Anyway, what happened to your job?"

Guy: "I wanted to go solo. I'm sick of working with the police. What happened to your Interpol job?"

Chun-Li: (frowns) "I.......uhhhh.....same here."

Guy: "They're so stuffy! I can't work at my own pace, they take WAY too much time doing things that I could do myself in half the time. OH! here's my resume."

Chun-Li: (realizing that she couldn't hire Guy without him finding out about her injury) "Uhhhhhh........I'll have to call you. I've gotten so many applications I have to review them all."

Guy: (knows she is lying) "Ok......it's been nice talking to you. Hope I get the job."

Chun-Li: "Yeah.....ummmm (pretends to type) See ya later."

*Guy walked out of the office wondering what was wrong with the once unstoppable girl he knew 6 years ago. She was watching soaps and eating burritos, so she was obviously not overwhelmed with work. Two weeks passed and Chun-Li only interviewed a few more people. None of them were fit for the job. Too young, too old, too inexperienced, to stupid, too fat, etc... finally, the newspaper ad found its way to Cammy. She was excited about it when she read it. It was obviously not fussy and she felt she had a good chance of getting the job. She put on her best pants suit, and hopped the next bus to the area, armed with her phony resume, which gained some more false information in the last few weeks. Chun-Li was ready to lock up and go home when there was a knock at the lonely door.*

Chun-Li: (fixes her hair, and checks her lipstick) "Come in!!!"

*Cammy walked in to find her worst nightmare sitting behind the front desk. Chun-Li was watching a cheezy love movie on the small TV and was filing her nails. She actually looked professional, wearing an expensive suit, not revealing her usual cleavage, stomach, or leg. She looked at Cammy and nearly choked on a bon-bon.*

Cammy: "Oh, bloody hell!!!"

Chun-Li: "I should've known......"

Cammy: "Well, you must be having a hard time finding a job. Nice idea. Good luck finding a partner that will put up with you." (turns around and begins to walk away)

Chun-Li: "WAIT!!!"

Cammy: "You're not actually serious about hiring me, are you?"

Chun-Li: "Don't be stupid! People haven't exactly been lining up to get the job. Besides, I'd be amused to see what your credentials are."

Cammy: "What the hell, I'm desperate." (hands her resume to Chun-Li)

Chun-Li: (laughs) "Charlesworth Academy for crime and criminology? Friday's investigation Agency? This is total bullshit!"

Cammy: (snatches her resume back) "Drastic times call for drastic measures."

Chun-Li: "That's drastic fraud, sister! Besides, you forgot to mention your previous employments as a petty jewel thief and a mindless assassin for Shadowloo! Now, with those references, you could really get somewhere....."

Cammy: "Shut up, I was brainwashed."

Chun-Li: "You'll never go further than McDonald's. I'd go for a nice career in the black market, because that's where you're headed with your fake-me-out resume."

Cammy: "I know I can be an investigator. I have the mind for it."

Chun-Li: (thinks for a minute) "Actually, you're right. As a cop, I can see these things. As much as I hate you, you would make a good detective."

Cammy: "Too bad nobody else sees it. Well, wish me luck...."

Chun-Li: "Cammy, I'm desperate. If I don't get a partner soon and start making money, I will lose my loan."

Cammy: "You can't be suggesting that we work together? We'll kill each other!!"

Chun-Li: "If you're willing to let bygones be bygones..."

Cammy: "I never forgive and forget, but I can push it aside, I suppose. I'm down to my last shilling and I need a job. I'll try it, but no guarantees I won't toss you out the window if you piss me off."

Chun-Li: "Agreed. you stay off my ass and I'll stay off yours. Come in tomorrow. That's your office."

Cammy: "I'll bring tea and muffins."