Cammy: Shut up!!! Burger King is much better than KFC!!!

Chun-Li: WHAT?!? Please, you don't get crispy strips at Burger King. Besides, they have cockroaches.

Cammy: They're both fast food. Everybody knows all fast food places have bugs. It's a given. Even if Burger King has bugs, I'm sure they're better bugs than KFC has.

Chun-Li: KFC's cockroaches are fed toxic grease the best macaroni&cheese in the world, AND the colonel's special recipe. You can't beat severed chicken parts in a bucket. Just give it up, because you KNOW I'm right.

Cammy: This conversation is pathetic. King me. And while you're at it, pick another topic.

*Chun-Li and Cammy were playing checkers on Chun-Li's living room floor. Guy insisted that she spend the night with somebody. When she turned him down, he asked Cammy to take care of her. It was 1:00Am and they were in their underwear, watching reruns of "Happy Days".*

Chun-Li: You can't just CHOOSE a topic for conversation! You just let loose and you'll find yourself talking about all kinds of cool stuff.

Cammy: I usually find myself talking about ridiculous things when I "just let loose", such as my favorite fast food place. I'd rather keep a close watch on my conversations, thank you.

Chun-Li: That's why you're no fun. You should loosen up. Talk more about yourself and try to be more open-minded. Not only will people enjoy talking to you, you'll enjoy talking to other people.


Chun-Li: (laughs) Hey, there's a first!

Cammy: That's how you know you're tired. Let's go to sleep.

Chun-Li: (frowns) We didn't finish our game.

Cammy: I'm winning anyway.

Chun-Li: This is CHECKERS! You never know what might happen. What if I moved over here and double jumped your dudes? Look who's on top now, bitch!!

Cammy: You're acting like a little girl at a slumber party.

Chun-Li: Hey, I bet YOU weren't invited to many sleep-overs. That could be dangerous...

Cammy: Ha ha. You're too funny. Actually all my friends were boys, and I WAS invited to plenty of sleep overs.

Chun-Li: (covers her mouth) Oooooohhhhh!!!!! Cammy was a slut! A straight one...

Cammy: Good night. This conversation has sunk to a level that has actually reversed the effect of maturity.

Chun-Li: Peace out!! (heads toward her room)

Cammy: Yeah. (turns to climb onto the couch)

Chun-Li: Hey, Cammy!

Cammy: (turns around) What do you.....

Chun-Li: (moons Cammy and runs into her room)

Cammy: (under her breath) disgusting. (cracks a smile and goes to sleep)

*The next day, Chun-Li and Cammy arrived early at the office. They waited until Guy showed up, then Cammy went to take more pictures of Ken. Guy had picked up Chun-Li's car earlier that morning. Chun-Li loaded the other Ken pictures onto the computer under Eliza's case.*

Guy: I have to meet with Rose's mom, but I don't want to leave you alone.

Chun-Li: Get out with your protective man crap. I'm bigger than you anyway. Go see Rose's mom and make me some money.

Guy: I'm not leaving you alone when someone is after you.

Chun-Li: I have a business to run. Get out before I kick you out.

Guy: Are you sure you'll be OK?

Chun-Li: (picks up her platform boot) Get out or you will have a 6-inch heel in your forehead!

*Chun-Li was all set to leave and start her search for her stalker when the phone rang*

Chun-Li: (picks the phone up) Damsels of Distress

Mrs. Xiang: Hello, Chun-Li.

Chun-Li: Oh, hi, Ma. What's up?

Mrs. Xiang: I have something to tell you. But first, do you have a husband yet?

Chun-Li: I would have called you if I had a man, Ma. I'm single and I like it.

Mrs. Xiang: It's not stable. You must get married. Before you know it, you will be 30 and no men will want you.

Chun-Li: It's Ok because I'll never be 30 and my horoscope says I emit strong sexual vibes and the opposite sex is very attracted to me. How the hell did you get this number, anyway?

Mrs. Xiang: Your answering machine says to call you here.

Chun-Li: Oh, yeah. I forgot. So what is it that you had to tell me?

Mrs. Xiang: Well, you know how much I loved your father...

Chun-Li: Yea.......

Mrs. Xiang: Well, I made a mistake about 15 years ago.....

Chun-Li: What kind of mistake? Ma, I told you to stay off that pain medication....

Mrs. Xiang: I cheated on your father, Chun-Li.

Chun-Li: ...............

Mrs. Xiang: It was with Chan Chao.

Chun-Li: Daddy's best friend and partner? Ma, what were you thinking?

Mrs. Xiang: I don't know. I slipped. I still loved your father.

Chun-Li: I can't believe this!!!

Mrs. Xiang: There's more.....

Chun-Li: Oh, god!

Mrs. Xiang: (takes a deep breath) I had his child. That long trip I took to visit Grandma in Tibet was so that I could keep it from your father. It was then that Chan moved away, taking the child with him. Your father died a year later and I never got to tell him.

*Chun-Li dropped the phone and it was dangling from her other hand by the cord. Her jaw dropped open and she simply stood there in shock*

Mrs. Xiang: Hello? Chun-Li?

*Cammy walked in and looked at Chun-Li for a minute. Then, she took the phone from her*

Cammy: Hello?

Mrs. Xiang: Who is this?

Cammy: Who is THIS?

Mrs. Xiang: I asked you first!

Cammy: Fair enough. I'm Cammy White.

Mrs. Xiang: From the Street Fighter tournaments?

Cammy: Yes. Now, who are you?

Mrs. Xiang: This is Chun-Li's mother. Is she OK?

Cammy: (looks at the still motionless Chun-Li) Well, she seems to be breathing.

Mrs. Xiang: Can you put her back on the phone?

Cammy: Chun-Li, your mother wants to talk to you.

Chun-Li: ...........

Cammy: Hello, Chun-Li.....(waves her hand in front of Chun-Li's face) Mrs. Xiang, I think she's in shock.

Mrs. Xiang: Snap her out of it!

Cammy: Can I hit her?

Mrs. Xiang: If you must.

Cammy: My pleasure...(rubs her hands together, then smacks Chun-Li so hard she fell)

Mrs. Xiang: well.....

Cammy: If that didn't work....OH!! I've got it!!! Chun-Li, you look FAT in those PANTS!!

Chun-Li: (springs up from the floor) WHAT?????? I will break your face, you midget assed little.....

Cammy: Your Mum is on the telly.

Chun-Li: Welcome to America. it's "your mom is on the phone." I gotta teach you how to speak American. (snatches the phone from Cammy's hand) What now, ma? Anything else you want to come clean about?

Mrs. Xiang: No more confessions, but I must ask a favor of you.

Chun-Li: What, am I paying for this phone call?

Mrs. Xiang: Yes, but that's not what I was going to ask. I need you to take her.

Chun-Li: Take who?

Mrs. Xiang: Your younger sister.

Chun-Li: Ma, I'm poor.

Mrs. Xiang: Don't talk to me about poverty!! I had to sell your father's dojo to raise your sister! I've been working in restaurants trying to make ends meet! I'm too old to be raising children. You have to take her!


Mrs. Xiang: Don't yell at me, young lady!! I will catch the next boat to America and smack your face!!! I don't care if you're six feet tall! I am still your superior! Chan died two years ago and I took her.

Chun-Li: The Dojo money only supported you guys for two years? What did you sell it for? A dollar? You should have called me.

Mrs. Xiang: I did the best I could. Will you take her or is she going to the orphanage?

Chun-Li: I just started a new business!! I can't take care of her!

Mrs. Xiang: She is 15, she can handle it.

Chun-Li: (sighs) Ok. I'll take her. But only for a little while, until we can figure something else out.

Mrs. Xiang: THANK YOU!! I won't forget this.

Chun-Li: Call me back and let me know when she's coming. Bye, Ma.

Mrs. Xiang: Bye.

*Chun-Li hung up the phone, sat behind her desk and popped a couple of pain relievers*

Cammy: What the bloody hell was that? Were you talking back to your mother, you naughty girl?

Chun-Li: I can't believe what just happened.

Cammy: Tell.

Chun-Li: Well, to make a long story short, my mom got busy 15 years ago and had a baby with my Dad's best friend, who just died 2 years ago. Now my mom's gone poor and can't support the kid. Now, I have a little sister to take care of.

Cammy: Gosh, that's rough. Shit happens, I suppose. What I find unbelievable is that someone would trust you with a child! She probably has a more mature mentality than you do!

Chun-Li: I'm not that immature. I can take it.

Cammy: What happens if she needs to be disciplined? Are you going to moon her back into shape?

Chun-Li: Hey, whatever it takes.

Cammy: Well, get to work!! Support this kid!!

Chun-Li: OK. Come with me to Interpol. I gotta steal some info.

Cammy: I can't wait to see the morals and values you'll be passing on to your little sister, the poor lass!