Morrigan finally woke up from her deep sleep. The only thing that was wrong was that now she was a full fledge vampire. She could not remember a thing about her past or how she transformed into a vampire all she knew is that she was in really deep s**t. She noticed that she was in a hotel room, the only thing wrong with it was the blood splattered walls and floors.

Morrigan was in hell, she saw five dead bodies around her, then she noticed her hands and mouth covered with blood, the blood was still warm. She quickly got up but some how she got sick to her stomach. She threw up some of the blood she had inside of her. "What the f**k happened to me?" she asked herself. She ran towards the bathroom and cleaned herself up. What she did not know is that she had incredible abilities, she was one of the chosen vampires to enter the Darkstalkers Tournaments.

She had to find a way to get the hell out of the hotel without letting anyone see her. She sat down on the edge of the bed and just wished to get out, when she did this, a black light appeared in front of her. Morrigan fell to the floor landing on her ass. "What the f**k!" she said as she saw the light getting bigger until it stopped growing. "I guess this is my way out", not knowing if the light was going to hurt her, she stepped inside of it and teleported somewhere else.

When Morrigan stepped out of the gateway she was in a very dark spooky place. "Where in the hell am I at?" she asked, "exactly in hell" another voice said. Morrigan quickly turned around and was surprise to see a mirror image of herself.

"You can call me Morri, nice to see you again".

"How can this be?" Morrigan asked as she slowly stepped away from her image.

"Oh don't be scared, I am here to help you, you where kidnapped from us, it's a good thing you left a part of yourself here"

Morrigan was now confused as hell. "What are you talking about me being kidnapped?" Morrigan found a chair and decided to sit down.

Morri continued, "you live here, let's say that you are the queen in these parts of hell, the kidnapper's name is Sebastian, a telepathic demon."

Morrigan tried to remember but she could not even a get a flashback.

"Look Morrigan we're wasting time here, Sebastian is heading towards the central abyss of hell. If he gets there and finds the Lucifer Crystal he will become a god" as Morri said this she started to get close to Morrigan.

Morrigan quickly got up and just looked at the image "so what are you…I mean we planning on doing?"

Morri looked at Morrigan and said, "well first I need to bring your memories back to you" and with this said, she jumped into Morrigan.

Morri and Morrigan's body mixed together. Soon Morri disappeared and Morrigan returned to her normal self. "It's time to find that son of a bitch" Morrigan opened a portal and stepped through.

End of part one