[ We begin our story at the home of Andy Bogard. It's the biggest day of his life today as he weds his longtime girlfriend, the very sexy, yet skilled ninja girl, Mai Shiranui. Right now, though, his biggest challenge is getting up out of bed. That's why his older brother, The Lone Wolf himself, Terry Bogard, and their friend, Muay Thai champ Joe Higashi are there to wake him up. It's currently 7:00 am].

Terry: (whispering) Hey, hey Andy; wake up, baby bro.

Joe: Yo Andy, wake up, ya lucky bastard.

Andy: (yawning & half asleep) Terry? Joe? What are you guys doin' here so early in the morning?

Joe: You don't know?! It's your big day. Your REALLY big day.

Terry: Yeah, Andy, it's your big day.......with Mai.

Andy: With Mai? HOLY S**T!! I'm gettin' married today!

Terry: Whoa, chill out little bro.

Andy: What'dya mean chill out?! I'm marrying my girl tonight, and you 2 are telling me to chill?! What about my tuxedo?

Joe: We got it covered. Terry.

Terry: Gotcha.

( Terry & Joe presented the cold footed groom with the most handsome pure white tux anyone had ever seen. As a special added bonus, the tux came with a diamond studded pimp cup that read "GRIZOOM" { Cali slang for Groom} ).

Andy: The tux looks awesome, but what's with the cup?

Joe: Glad you asked, my dear Andrew.

Andy: Don't call me Andrew.

Terry: This ain't just any cup, this is a special edition wedding day pimp cup from Lil Jon.

Andy: THE Lil Jon?

Joe: (a la Lil Jon) YEAH!!

( Suddenly, the phone rings. It's Mai calling from home while getting fitted for her wedding dress).

Andy: Hello?

Mai: Hello, honey. I just called to see how you're doing.

Andy: Oh hey Mai. I can't wait to meet you down the aisle tonight.

Mai: Me neither. I can't believe after tonight, I'm finally gonna be Mrs. Andy Bogard.

Andy: (slightly uneasy) Uh, yeah.

Mai: I'll see ya later, my Andy, my sweetheart.

Andy: See ya tonight.

Mai: (in a swoony voice) Bye. ( kisses through the phone)

Andy: Bye, babe. (hangs up the phone) What the Hell am I gettin' myself into?

Terry: Don't worry, bro. I'm amazed that you show this kind of fearless, pitbull like demeanor in a fight, but on your biggest day, you're kinda pussy.

Andy:Who you callin' pussy? I'm just nervous, that's all. Look, let's just get me fitted for my tux, okay?

Joe: Alright. By the way, Andy, you'll never guess who our limo drivers are.

Andy: Who?

(Suddenly, a sleek, jet black limo pulls up and who comes out of the driver & front passenger's sides are none other than America's 2 favorite slackers, Jay & Silent Bob, not surprisingly, dressed as their usual selves).

Jay: NAGAGANOOCHH!! Where's the unlucky f**k that's takin' that last walk as a free man?

Joe: He's right here, boys.

Andy: You guys got Jay & Silent Bob as our drivers?

Terry: Not only that, but they're guests too.

Jay: Besides, we're big f**kin' fans of youse guys. Also, Me & Lunchbox here can't wait to score with some mad bitches. Right Silent Bob?

( Silent Bob nods in agreement).

Andy: God help us all.

[Part 2 comin' soon]