Sorcerer Hunters Chronicles: Skeletor & The Sword Of Greyskull Part 1

[ We begin our story on the planet Eternia, home to the universe's mightiest warriors, the Masters of the Universe, but mainly, Prince Adam, who in reality, is the mightiest warrior of all, He Man & his arch nemesis, the evil & malicious Skeletor. Our tale begins at the fortress of Skeletor & his minions, Snake Mountain]

Skeletor: Why in the Hell do we keep losing to He Man? I know why, I'm surrounded by bumbling s**theads like you, Beast Man!

Beast Man: I've tried my best, master, but He Man & his allies are just too powerful.

Skeletor: SILENCE!! I have no place for your sorry ass excuses!

Trap Jaw: What would really help is that if we knew who He Man really is. You know when he's around, Prince Adam is nowhere to be found.

Skeletor: Aha! Now you're using your head, Trap Jaw.

Evil Lyn: It's about time that walking junkyard did something useful. Skeletor, if I may, let me be the one to slay Prince Adam.

Beast Man: Let me do it!

Tri Klops: No way! You'll f**k it up like you always do, fuzz face!

Trap Jaw: I'm far superior than any of these sorry piles of s**t.

Mer Man: Let me, Skeletor.

Skeletor: Silence, all of you! I have decided to do it myself.

Evil Lyn: How will you, Skeletor?

Skeletor: Watch me.

( Meanwhile, back at the Royal Palace, Man at Arms, the most trusted soldier of the court & one of the guardians of the secrets of He Man, receives a message for Prince Adam)

Man at Arms: Adam, you got a message.

Adam: Thanks, Duncan. I wonder what it says.

Man at Arms: Be careful now, Adam. We don't know who sent that message. Could be Skeletor setting up a trick.

Adam: No, this message is from the Sorceress.

Man at Arms: Oh, what does it say?

Adam: Not much. It just says, "Adam, meet me near Castle Greyskull. The Sorceress". Think I should go?

Man at Arms: If you must. After all, you are prince of Eternia, but do exercise extreme caution. It still could be a trap.

Adam: Oh I will. See ya.

( Adam finally arrived on the fields outside of Castle Greyskull, but he found out that the Sorceress wasn't there)

Adam: Sorceress?! Are you here? I got your message.

Evil Voice: I've been expecting you, Prince Adam, or should I say, He Man.

( reveals himself to be Skeletor)

Adam: Skeletor! I've should have known and how do you know that I'm He Man?

Skeletor: Let's just say a little birdie told me. Now prepare for Hell, Prince Adam.

Adam: We'll see about that. C'mon!

(But just as Adam could attack, Skeletor drew his sword & gutted the young prince like a fish, killing him on instant)

Skeletor: Finally, Prince Adam is dead! What's more, He Man is dead with him. Now the sword of Greyskull & the castle itself is all MINE!!!

[To be continued. Part 2 comin' soon]