Mike and Cammy were always happy. Mike had became a musician; and Cammy went with him everywhere they went. They were in love, and nothing could pry them apart. The love they shared was a bond so thick, so understanding; they thought nothing would come between them. Until it came crashing down. They came home; to find the apartment invaded by thugs.

Mike: Who's in here!? I'm gonna kick your ass whoever you are!!

No sounds. The door happened to close, with men shoving Cammy to the side. Mike looked on to see Bison, Balrog and Sagat standing above him. The three criminals had become cowards, resulting to usage of pistols. They threw Cammy to the side, concentrating on Mike. As hard as he could, he couldn't take on all three.

He was thrown by the window. Bison drawn his gun and shot him. Mike's arms flew out, as he was on his knees, he fell through the window, swan diving out from a six-story building. It was the last thing he ever heard; Bison's voice telling them to have fun with Cammy. Balrog and Sagat grunting in delight. She was beaten and raped. She died after 30 hours in intensive care at the hospital.

One year later...

Mike and Cammy said they would be together forever. They were buried together just to prove it. Bison and his two cohorts had escaped before the police had gotten there. They became top criminals, running a crime syndicate around the city. They were making money; stomping all others who got in their way.

Meanwhile, on the grave of Mike, there stood a big black crow, eyeing the grave. The crow spread its wings, and cawed. Mike's hand popped up from the ground. His other hand popped up as well. He pushed himself off up from the ground. He turned out to be fueled for revenge. He turned around to see his apartment. His found his cat, Gabriel lurking in the shadows.

Mike: Gabriel, thought you died on me too. Gabe, do you believe in the living dead?

Mike went into his former room. He picked up a black shirt, black pants, wrapped his hands in black, painted his face white with black slashes on the eyes, and got a black trenchcoat. The crow that was resting atop his grave, flew over to his shoulder. He looked outside, knowing what he must do.

Balrog was with a prostitute. He was smitten with her, as both of them began to snort cocaine. On the window sill, the black crow appeared.

Prostitute: Look!

Balrog: Hey, it's a bird, come here pretty birdie.

Mike snuck the window sill with a guitar. He strummed a note to get their attention.

Barlog: Who the f*ck are you?

Mike: Balrog, I'm shocked. You don't remember this?

Mike held his arms out and got on his knees. Balrog began to chuckle hysterically.

Balrog: No way, we killed you. But, this time, I'll double check.

Balrog drew a revolver and pointed it at Mike. Mike put his hand on the barrel.

Mike: Go ahead, dick. Shoot.

Balrog pulled the trigger. Mike stood back and held his hand in pain. His shouts of pain, would then become laughter. As the bullet wound closed. Balrog got up and prepared to shoot once more. Mike placed his hands on his head; making him feel the pain he felt. Balrog began to go into a seizure. Mike dragged him into his bathroom, and put him in the bathtub, letting the water run. He grabbed the prostitute, and looked into her eyes.

Mike: Your daughter is out there, FIND HER.

The prostitute cried, then ran out the door. Mike vanished into midair.

Meanwhile, Bison heard about Balrog's death.


Sagat: Mike. They said they found Balrog choking to death on his own blood!

Bison: Bullshit! Mike's DEAD.

Sagat: No...he's well alive.

Bison: That motherf*cker couldn't have just walked up out from his grave. Sagat, go get some sleep. I'll think about this.

Sagat got in his car. He pondered what was going on. The crow landed on the hood. Sagat shooed it away. He looked in his rear view mirror, only to see Mike with Balrog's gun.

Mike: Hi Sagat.

Sagat: Who are you?

Mike: I'm your passenger. DRIVE.

Sagat was told to drive to the docks. He was duct taped to the driver's seat of his car.

Mike: It's been fun Sagat.

Sagat: Wait...I know you. We killed you! WE KILLED YOU!

Mike make the car drive off, into the water. Mike took some gasoline and poured into a pattern. He took a match and lit it up, The fire resmembled a crow. Mike had one more to go, before his soul can finally rest in peace. Bison.

Bison was in his office. Mike crashed through his window.

Bison: YOU! Your the one who's knocking off my boys?

Mike: And how would you like to go?

Bison drew out a sword, and tried his hardest slashing away at Mike. Bison seen the crow lying on his desk. He took one swipe with the Katana, and cut the bird to feathers, catching Mike off gaurd. Mike suddenly felt weak. Bison ran Mike through. Mike sat there, holding his stomach, thinking of Cammy. Bison was smiling, he knelt down.

Bison: You could best my other guys, but you'll get nowhere with me.

Mike swiped off Bison's hat, and place his hands violently on his head.


Bison staggered away, not knowing he was close to falling to his death. Mike tried his hardest to jump up and kick Bison back. He did, Bison fell from the window, only to be impaled on a Gargoyle statue.

Later on, Mike returned to his grave and Cammy's. He was weak and on the verge of death.

Mike: Cammy...

Mike laid there by her grave. Behind him Cammy was walking up to him.

Mike: Cammy?

Cammy knelt over and kissed him. Mike faded away into his grave. Police sirens were heard around the distant city. Mike's grave was filled again. He proved that his love for Cammy gave him the strength he needed to avenge himself and her. And that is a love that is forever unbroken.