The Outworld Chapter Fifteen- Ryu Vs Reptile

The good fighters and the forces of evil walk through the long hall of the lair. Nothing comes to their mind except for the upcoming battle between Ryu and Reptile. Everyone knew that this was the battle to the death, just like all the other battles in the tournament.

In Chun-Li's mind, she remembers Shao saying 'This is the fight to the bloodiest death of all.' The thought of those words send a chill up Chun- Li's spine. What did Shao means by 'the bloodiest death of all?' She has already seen people explode into nothing. She wonders what could be any bloodier.

She looked at Ryu. Ryu is a strong Shotokan warrior with a strong will and a good heart. He has never lost a battle......but she wondered if this battle will be different from all the other battles he's been in.

She looked at Ryu's opponent Reptile. Rep tile has survived some of his own battles in the tournament and has escaped death twice since they first saw him.

Both warriors have never lost a battle. Today, fate will declare who is the true winner when it comes to battle. The losing opponent will fall to his death.

The group enters a huge lair. Everyone was shocked to see where Ryu and Reptile are going to fight. They are going to fight on a deck with no guards........150 feet above.

"That's pretty high," said Guile. "What's the point of that?"

That's when they looked into the pit below the deck. In a deep pit, the running blades began to speed up.

"(So that's what he meant by 'the bloodiest death of all')" thought Chun- Li.

Reptile began to club up the ladder leading to the top of the deck. Ryu looked up and then back towards his friends.

"Good luck, my friend," said Liu patting Ryu's shoulders.

"Make sure he's turns into a bloody pulp," said Guile.

"Let your heart guide you," said Rayden.

"You better get back down here soon," said Ken.

"I will," Ryu promised.

He looks at Chun-Li. They stared at each other for a minute. Ryu could see her tears developing in her chestnut brown eyes. He felt his heart cry in pain.

Chun-Li looked into Ryu's eyes. There seemed to be some sort of sadness in them. She felt her own heart ache.

Ryu walked over to her and softly kissed Chun-Li's cheek. Chun-Li felt her heart ache more. She wanted to embrace him and kiss his lips, but she stayed frozen.

Ryu pulled away. He looked at her a little bit longer before he started to make his way up to the deck.

Chun-Li held her hands above her heart. She had a bad feeling about this tournament.

Ryu makes it to the top of the deck where Reptile was waiting. Reptile was doing a few stretches. As soon as Ryu planted his foot on the wooden deck, Reptile got into his fighting stance.

The deck was about fifty feet in length and only five feet in width. Ryu knew that if he fell forward or backwards, he'll be fine, but fall on either side, it would be the end of his life.

Ryu gets into his fighting stance.

Shao, now knowing that the fighters are ready, shouts out, "Let the death match begin!!"

Tension begins to build up among Ryu's friends.

For a while, Ryu and Reptile only stared at each other in their fighting stances. Ryu, with one arm to his side and the other just lining up with his chin, bends his knees up and down a little narrowing his eyes at his opponent. Reptile also bends his knees up and down. His hands are out moving in front of him in a circular motion. He also narrows his eyes at his opponent.

Everybody at the bottom could do nothing but watch. More tears developed in Chun-Li's eyes. Rayden's eyes glows in a blue color. "(Be careful, my friend)" he thought.

Suddenly, Reptile jumps high in the air and puts one leg out. Ryu roll s under him and Reptile lands in the spot where Ryu was standing. Ryu got himself back up. Reptile starts doing backward flips towards Ryu. Ryu backs up, but then got trapped up in a dead end. By the ladders were statues, which only protects the fighters on each end of the deck. Reptile manages to hit Ryu with his feet square in the face. Ryu almost loses his balance, but manages to get back in his fighting stance.

Then, Reptile manages to throw punches at Ryu. Ryu blocks every one of them. Ryu finds an opening and slugs Reptile. As soon as Ryu got into offense, Reptile immediately starts blocking him. Ryu was walking towards Reptile and Reptile tries to back away from Ryu as he plays defense.

They end up walking to the other end of the deck. Reptile jumps back and then quickly flips over him. Ryu turns around as soon as Reptile landed. Reptile throws another punch at Ryu and Ryu blocks it. Once again, Reptile was playing offense and Ryu was playing defense. Then, Reptile manages to find an opening. He bends down and does a quick turn with one leg out. Ryu loses his balance. Luckily, he only fell backwards and lands on his back. Reptile runs up to him. Just before Ryu could recover from the fall, Reptile bends down to him and throw a hard punch to his stomach.

The wind was knocked out of Ryu, but he still manages to kick Reptile out of the way. Reptile falls backwards and Ryu attempts to get up with the statue as his guide. Reptile got up as well and he runs towards Ryu. Ryu stands there. When Reptile reaches him, he throws another punch at him. Ryu blocks it, but because the wind was knocked out of Ryu badly, Reptile successfully punches him. Ryu tries to block, but he couldn't ignore the pain in his stomach.

Then, Reptile does a flip hitting Ryu square in the chin. Ryu falls back towards the statue and hits his head hard against it. Blood started to trickle down the back of his head, but Ryu tries to ignore the pa in. Reptile does a couple of more flips backwards. Then, he stances back into his fighting stance.

Ryu, holding the back of his head, walks slowly towards Reptile. Reptile then does a few forward flips, but Ryu was prepared. He manages to jump right over Reptile. Reptile stands up straight and looks up at Ryu. Then, Ryu kicks Reptile in the faces. Reptile steps back a little, but still remains his balance.

Ryu lands on his feet. He almost loses his balance but still manages to keep his feet on the wooden deck. Reptile runs over to him and throws another hard punch, this time to the face. He throws more punches. Ryu tries to block again, but the blow threw him off again.

Meanwhile down in the lair, Ryu's friends watch him. More tears develop in Chun-Li's eyes as she watches the man she loves get his beating. "(Please Ryu)" she thought. "(Please don't die on me.)"

Then, she remembered something. When Johnny Cage was killed, Sonya mentioned that she's b een so occupied with her job that she never got the chance to tell Johnny her feelings for him and now she regrets it. Chun-Li became scared. Could it be too late now to tell her how she feels for Ryu? She would go up to the deck right now and tell him, but Reptile could throw her off the deck in two seconds sending her down to the pit of running blades. Chun-Li begins to hope.......hope that Ryu will live through this so she could tell her how she feels for him.

Reptile throws a punch at Ryu right in the gut. Ryu coughed up some blood. "(He's a better fighter than I thought he was)" Ryu thought. "(I hope I could live through this..........and tell Chun-Li how I feel for her.)"

Suddenly, Reptile does a roundhouse kick at Ryu sending him flying to the side...........towards the pit.

Everyone in the bottom turned around.

"RYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chun-Li cried as she covered her face. Everyone expected to hear him get caught in the running blades an d then feel all the blood splatter onto their skins.

When nothing happened, Chun-Li dared herself to turn around. She looks up at the deck. Her tears finally fall out of her eyes. Ryu was hanging out to the edge of the deck.

"Oh God!" she cried out.

Everyone else turned around and saw Ryu hanging on to his life.

"You can do it, Ryu!!" cried Ken.

Reptile walks over to Ryu. He attempts to step on his hands. Ryu moves his hands to the side every time Reptile tries to step on them.

Then, to Ryu's surprise, Reptile steps on both of Ryu's hands with both of his feet. Reptile uses his heels and steps on his hands as hard as he can. Ryu tries his best to ignore the pain. If he tried to remove his hands now, he was sure to fall into the running blades.

Then, Ryu had an idea. He uses his right hand and starts to lift up Reptile's feet. Finally, he manages to come free. Reptile loses his balances and falls towards the deck.

Ryu start s to collect energy with his right hand.

Reptile gets up, not realizing what Ryu is doing.

He slowly removes his mask.

Everyone looks up. They gasp as Reptile revealed his chameleon-like face.

"That's the worst of it," said Rayden.

Everyone looked at Rayden. "No....." said Liu.

Ryu looks up and sees the now-hideous Reptile. Reptile pulls back a little. A big glob of acid comes out of his mouth aiming towards Ryu.

To Ryu, it was now or never..........

"Hadouken!!!" Ryu cried out. He throws a ball of energy half the size of his original ones. The energy hits the acid. It pushes the acid as it flies towards Reptile.

The energy and acid hit Reptile. Reptile shrieks in horror as he is burned with his own acid (A/N: I don't know if that can happen to Reptile, it's just a guess for me for now). Then, the energy hits him in the chest, knocking him off the deck.

"This is it!!" cried Ken. Everyone turns around as the d eath of a fighter approaches.

Reptile looks at Ryu, still hanging off the deck, one more time before being perished into the running blades. The blades chop him up into little pieces of bones, flesh, and blood. It all flew everywhere.

Ryu was the only one who watched Reptile's death. "(I did it)" he thought. "(I beat Reptile.)"

Chun-Li turns around and looks back up at Ryu. He was still hanging onto the deck.

"RYU!!!!" she cried out. "Oh God, Ryu!!" she runs towards the ladder and quickly climbs it.

Ken smirks up at his best friend. Ryu returns the smirk. "Great job, my friend," Ken said. "I knew I could count on you to be the survivor."

Chun-Li makes it to the top. "Ryu!! You're alive!!"

Ryu looks up at Chun-Li. "Yeah," he said. "I made it."

Chun-Li helps Ryu pull himself up to the deck. When he gets to the deck, Chun-Li throws her arms around her and begins sobbing in his arms. Ryu embraced her and held her close to him.

Chun-Li looks into his dark eyes. Her tears stained her face. Ryu wips the tears away.

Then, to his surprise, Chun-Li leans towards Ryu and presses her lips against his. Ryu was shocked by this.

He never knew that this could happen to him.

He brought her closer to him and return the kiss. For a minute, the two share a sweet, passionate kiss.

When Ryu pulled away, he looks into Chun-Li's eyes. "I love you," he said.

He realized his love for her just before getting up the ladder.

Chun-Li was shocked to hear this, but she didn't care. All she cared about was that Ryu was okay and that he was alive.

She embraces him again. "I love you too!!"

Ryu hugged her back. He could feel his heart pounding for her. He looks down at his other friends.

That's when he noticed Shao Kahn grabbing Ken from behind.

Ryu gasped. "KEN!!!!!"

Shao looks up at Ryu with Ken in his arms. "You fool!! This is what happens when you kill one of my best warriors!!"

"KKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ryu cried out as Shao begins to twist Ken's neck.