The Outworld Chapter Seven- The Third Tournament

"Where the hell are they?" said Jax. While everyone was eating their breakfast in the cave, Jax walked around in anger.

"Who?" asked Cody.

"Who do you think? Dan and R. Mika!! They're suppose to have their tournaments today and they're STILL not back!!"

Cody nearly laughed. "Wow, it's been so quiet around here that I forgot Dan was with us."

"Quiet?!" cried Fei-Long. "What about last night with that green freak?!"

Chun-Li felt a chill go up her spine. She was still a little traumatized about last night.

"Never mind that!" Jax shouted. He looked at all the fighters seriously. "All right, we're going to need two fighters to take Dan and Mika's place. I'll take Dan's place. Anyone want to take Mika's place?"

Guile, Liu, Johnny, and Fei-Long raised their hands.

"Liu, you fought the other day!"

"I know," Liu said with a little smile. "I'm getting out of practice. I need a real fight."

Jax sighed. "Guile, you're fighting tomorrow, so it's between Johnny and Fei-Long."

The two actors looked at each other. "How are we going to decide who's going to fight?" asked Fei-Long.

"I don't know!" Jax said.

"Rock, paper, scissors!!" cried out Ken.

Some of the fighters looked at Ken in a weird way. "What?" he said shrugging.

"Fine," Johnny said. "Two out of three."

The actors stood up. They shook their hands to their side. "Rock, paper, scissor!" They shot their hands out next to each other. Johnny's hand was curled into a fist and Fei-Long's hand was flat.

"Paper covers rock," Fei-Long said and covered Johnny's hand.

They went through another round. When their hands were next to each other, Johnny's hand made a peace sign and Fei-Long's hand was flat again.

Johnny said with boredom in his voice, "Scissor cuts paper."

Then, the final round came. In the end, Johnny's hand was flat and Fei- Long's hand was curled into a fist.

Johnny smirked a little. "Paper covers rock." He folded his arms. "Looks like I'll be fighting today."

"All right," said Jax. "Johnny and I will be fighting today along with Rolento."

Rolento got his battle stick out and twirled it a little. "I'm looking forward to it."


Dan opened his eyes. He saw that the sky was a bright blue meaning that the sun was up.

He looked over and saw Mika laying down in the dirt sound asleep. "(I better keep quiet)" he thought.

Just as he began to tiptoe his way around, he tripped over a big log and scrapped his knee.

"OW!!!" he cried.

Mika opened her eyes and saw Dan slumped over. She giggled a little. "You're so clumsy."

Dan quickly got up. Mika stood up as well. She looked up and smiled. "Look up there."

Dan looked up and jumped with excitement. On the tree was peaches hanging on the branches. "Breakfast!!" he cried. "After last night, I'm so hungry I could eat a elephant and swallow it whole." He began to climb the tree.

"Don't fall like last time," Mika said.

Dan managed to grab a few peaches and hand them over to Mika without doing anything clumsy. Then he climbed back down. He and Mika sat down and ate the peaches quickly.

When they were done, Dan let out a loud burp. "That was good." He looked at the trail. "I wonder how much longer it will take us to find Nightwolf?"

Mika let out a loud gasp. Dan heard this and got up standing in his fighting stance. "What?! Is Scorpion back?" He looked around the woods.

"No Dan," Mika said. "Today's our tournament and we're going to miss it because we're lost."

Dan got out of his stance. "Well then let's get going! We gotta find Nightwolf."

Mika got up. "I'll lead the way this time." She quickly kissed his lips before they walking south (finally) of the trail. Dan held her hand. Mika blushed a little and smiled at him.

"Good thing I'm here," Dan said. "Scorpion would've killed you if it wasn't for my Dankukyaku."

"True," Mika replied. "And if he also hadn't burned that cute butt of yours, I probably would be dead."

Dan nearly leaped when she said 'cute butt.' It was the first time in his life that any girl said that.

They continued walking down the trail in silence. Sometimes, they would look around the woods just to see if Scorpion would return.


The fighters entered the ring. The ring this time was indoors due to bad weather.

Shang stood up. "Will the first six fighters, please step forward," he said. Rolento, Jax, and Johnny stepped forward along with three other fighters.

"First," said Shang. "Johnny versus Vega!"

"What?!!!!" cried all the Street Fighters. They looked up to see the tall man they know full well. He wore a mask and his long blond hair was braided back. He struck out his claws.

Guile narrowed his eyes. "Looks like Shao Kahn took some of Bison's commanders as well."

Johnny and Vega faced each other. Vega laughed. "Looks like this will be a very easy fight. I was hoping to fight a woman today, but I guess since she hasn't shown up, I'll be fighting another weak being."

Johnny laughed. "And it looks like I AM going to fight a woman!"

Vega became angry as Shang shouted, "BEGIN!!"

Johnny ran towards Vega, but Vega leaped into the air. Johnny looked up to find him, but the Spanish Ninja was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Johnny felt a sharp, piercing pain going down his back. Vega has jumped down and scratched Johnny deeply into his back. The blood gushed out right away.

Johnny turned around and looked up at him. "What the hell was that for?" he shouted.

Vega laughs under his mask. "What's wrong Johnny? Can't handle my claws?"

Johnny became a bit angry and starts to attack with his few kicks and punches. Vega blocked a few moves, but sometimes, he would miss and would get hit. Then, Vega jumped again, but not before slashing Johnny in the arm with his claws.

Johnny moved out of the way as Vega landed on the opposite side of the ring. Johnny looked at him in anger. "Why don't you take that mask off? Are you so ugly that you refuse to let people see your dirty face?"

This, of course, insulted Vega. Vega rolled over to Johnny and striked his claws at Johnny. He only manages to scratch Johnny's leg. Vega stood up and took his mask off revealing his handsome face and blue eyes. "No, it's not that I'm's to protect my beautiful face."

"Really?" Johnny said with a big smirk on his face. He manages to run at Vega fast and punch him a few times in the face.

"Johnny, no!!" Ken cried knowing full well what would happen if anyone laid a finger on Vega's 'beautiful' face.

Vega whines a little after Johnny pulls back. "My beautiful face!!" he cried. He put his mask back on and looked at Johnny with rage. "You a**hole!!!!! I'll make you go to hell!!!!" He darts at Johnny and slashes him a few times.

"Johnny!!!" Sonya cried out. She watched in horror as her companion gets his beating.

Vega pulls back. Johnny's eyes start to become blurry. He could feel his blood pouring out of him.

He fell to his knees.

Shang stands up. "Finish him!!"

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sonya cried. She looked at Johnny with tears in her blue eyes. She tried to jump into the ring, but Jax stops her.

Johnny looks at his companions one last time. He takes off his sunglasses and tosses them to Fei-Long. Fei-Long catches them and looks at Johnny.

"Farewell," Johnny said. He took his last deep breath as Vega strikes and stabs his claws deep into his chest.

"This is for hurting my face," Vega said with a laugh. Then, Johnny went limp.

Tears steamed down Sonya's face. As the room became silent, she runs out of the arena.

"Sonya!" cried Liu. He, Ken, and Rose follow her.

The quiet scream was heard.

Fei-Long looked at his sunglasses. '(I'll never forget you)' Then, he felt guilt coming over his heart. '(If only I won rock, paper, scissors....)'

Shang stood up again. "Next....Jax versus Balrog."

They watch as the ex-boxer jumps into the ring. Jax walks in with only one of his metals arms on.

Ryu says to Jax, "Aim at the legs, it's his weakness."

"BEGIN!!!" Shang cries out.

Jax takes Ryu's word and punches the ground with his right arm. The ground shakes and Balrog loses his balance. As he tries to get up, Jax runs over to him and punches him a few times, but then Balrog throws a few punches at his face. Jax bends down and trips him over.

Balrog tries to get up; Jax punches him hard in the gut. The wind gets knocked out of Balrog. He falls to his knees. After not getting up for a minute, Shang cries, "Finish him!!"

Jax smiles. "Everyone better have a towel," he said. He punches Balrog rapidly. Balrog tries to block but he was too weak. Then, Jax makes a final punch in the gut and Balrog explodes, blood and bones flying everywhere.

"Brutality!!" Shang cries. "Jax wins!!"

Jax scratches the back of his head. "He was too easy!"

Then, they heard the quiet scream.


The evening begins to dawn in. Dan and Mika haven't eaten since this morning.

"I still have leftover peaches from breakfast," said Mika.

Dan whines, "But I don't want peaches!!" Then, he smiled suddenly. "Look, berries!!" He runs over to a bush full of berries and starts eating them. Mika wasn't in the mood for berries, so she began to get a few peaches.

"Mika, you have to try this," said Dan. "These are probably the best berries I've ever had!!"

About ten minutes later, Dan has already eaten half of the berries on the bush. "I don't feel good," Dan said holding his stomach.

Mika giggled a little and patted his back. "You probably ate too much."

That's when they heard someone cry, "My bush!!!" They were startled and turned to a small old man carrying a basket. "How much of it did you eat?"

Dan gulped. " the bush??"

"You idiot!!" the old man cried. "Those berries are poisonous!! Two or three you'll be okay, but half the bush, you're a goner!!"

"What!!?" Mika cried. She turned to Dan, who felt sick to his stomach.

"Come on," The old man said. "I know how to cure it. We only have twenty- four hours until he's a goner."

Mika helps Dan up and the three of them walk a mile south until they saw a small wooden hut. The old man turned to them. "My name is Hereto, I'm a wizard."

"A wizard?" asked Mika.

"Yes," Hereto said.

Dan smiled, "Are you related to Harry Potter? I've always wanted to meet him, he's a wizard too."

Hereto ignored him. "I can make a medicine that can cure your friend. Hurry, I must get started since this medicine takes me twenty-three hours to make."

They go into the hut and they put Dan on a small bed. Hereto went into a lab full of different kinds of chemicals.

Mika held on to Dan's hand. "Don't worry, everything will be all right."


After Rolento's victory (a/n: sorry guys I'm too lazy to type his fighting scene) everyone returned to the cave. That night, Chun-Li and Rose sat with Sonya. Tears steamed down Sonya's face.

"I wish I could've done something," said Sonya. "Just like when Ryu saved Sakura." Her hands curled up into fists. "I'll make Vega pay for what he did!!!"

"Sonya, dear," Rose said. "I know Johnny's death overwhelms you, but you still have a tournament to fight. You have to put your anger aside."

Sonya looked up at her. "Rose, you're sweet, but God HE KILLED SOMEONE I LOVE!!!!!!!"

Chun-Li and Rose were both shocked when they heard this. Boy was Sonya good at keeping something like that to herself.

Sonya calmed down a little. "Yeah, I did love him, but I was too busy being occupied with my job and now I will never get the chance to tell him how I felt."

This statement made Chun-Li think. She loves her father, but her job as an Interpol agent and trying all she can to avenge him was all she could think about. Like Sonya, she was very occupied with her job. "(What if Ryu gets killed before I ever get the chance to tell him how I feel?)"

Outside, Fei-Long sat by the fire looking at Johnny's sunglasses. Although he and Johnny only knew each other for a few days, he felt as if they've known each other for a long time. Fei-Long felt his angry within himself. "(Why did he have to die?)"

He put on Johnny's sunglasses and stared at the fire.