Chapter 9


All of the senshi got the call on their communicators. "To the Hino Shrine!" Usagi had said.

Each girl left their houses respectively toward the shrine. All of them were saddened because of what had happened to Ami.

Lita, especially, felt a kinship with her. She walked, tears streaming down her pale face. She talked to no one, preferring to walk the pain away to the Shrine. All of a sudden, there was what seemed to be a tear in thin air. Lita looked at it, horrorstruck.

"What is that!?" She said, backing up. Out it came...a purple flower that had a really huge bud. Lita didn't want to take any chances.

"Jupiter Planet Power....MAKE UP!" She cried, thrusting her henshin wand into the air. She was engulfed in light and as she came out, the purple pod opened and revealed the sharp teeth inside.

"Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!" She cried out, sending a massive bolt of energy toward the creature. When it hit, the creature shrieked with pain.

"Yes!" She yelled, only to be caught offguard by the creatures vines that whipped out like tentacles. It caught her leg and sent her down to the ground quickly. The creature then took over, devouring her and spitting bones onto the pavement along with her senshi fuku. The same rift in the air opened and the creature was gone.


Taron laughed evilly, seeing the creature win against Sailor Jupiter.

"Time to go after another one!" He said, looking over each of the senshi.

"How about this one? She's pretty enough." Umbra said, pointing to a blonde haired girl walking down the street.

"Fair enough." He said, looking her over.

"That one is the senshi of true love....she's going to be easy." He said, thinking to himself. "A heartless should do just fine."

He reached again for his timestaff, summoning a demonic looking creature through the timegate. It was black as midnight all over and very odd looking, ugly.

Umbra looked in disgust at the creature. "That thing is hideous." She whispered, seeing Taron laugh.

"You haven't seen what it can do." He said, sending it to Tokyo.


Mina was walking along the way when she was thrown back by something. She lay upon the ground, half in shock, half in pain, by some type of explosion. She sat up quickly to see this ugly looking demon like creature staring down at her.

"Oh NO! Venus Planet Power...MAKE UP!" She shouted, engulfing herself in light and becoming Sailor Venus.

The creature threw the first attack, sending a black, tarlike substance around Sailor Venus. It caught her, trapping her to the creature. Then it happened. A blast of pure hatred hit her through the substance, causing her to scream in pain. She wanted nothing but to die, just for it to be over with. She started thinking of Usagi. How would her queen react to two deaths over the last two days? She felt warm all of a sudden and felt the power of the demon start to fade.

She could feel the grip on her loosened. She pulled away from it and brought forth her hand. "Venus love chain......" She started her attack. "Encircle!" She shouted, sending her chain to wrap around the creature.

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" She shouted, sending a blast of energy toward the demon like creature. The creature squealed in pain, then exploded into several pieces. Venus breathed heavily with exhaustion. "I have to get to the shrine quickly." She broke out into a run, still in her fuku.


Everyone had arrived there with the exceptions of Venus and Jupiter.

"I'm getting really worried about them." Usagi said quickly. "With what's happened to Ami, should we go look for them?"

"Yes, we should." a voice said nearby.

It was Seiya, looking in concern to Usagi.

"It is our plan." Haruka said quickly and angrily to Seiya. "We will go without you."

"Why be so mean to us?" Taiki said quickly, followed by Yaten. "We're on the same side. We're both fighting the same enemy....why do you still treat us like outsiders?"

"Because you are." Michiru said quietly. "Yes, we are fighting for the same cause, but it is still true that you are not from our solar system and therefore are considered outsiders." She said, protecting her senpai from their ridicule.

All of a sudden, Sailor Venus burst in. "I was just attacked!" She said, out of breath.

"WHAT?" They all said in unison. Usagi got a worry in her voice. "Then...Sailor Jupiter...?"

"She hasn't been here?" Venus asked.

"No.." Mamoru said. "...and I think she is in trouble...we should go look for her." He said, becoming Tuxedo Kamen.

All of the others henshined and set out to look for Sailor Jupiter.

<end Ch. 9>