I still have a hangover from the beating I took. Seems like those Sailor Rangers revived dear little Andy and the pink-haired brat, but couldn't revive Tomoe. Perhaps it's because Megachill killed them and they can't be revived in that manner because of that, I wonder..

Well, I just got new orders from Lord Freeza. It appears that he's brought back my fellow Psycho Rangers and wants me to join up. He's briefed my telepathically on what he's been up to...and it's BIG. So I took him up on his offer. I've never been a praying man, but I'm now officially a servant of God.

Freeza also strategically placed someone particularly crazy in Crossroads. And mind-numbingly strong. He even mentioned that his Saiyan "crack troop" Raditz went to Romania and defeated the Vampire Lord Demitri Maximoff, the archrival of that Shadaloo guy Bison. If a low-level like Raditz all of the sudden takes out someone of that calibur on his own turf, then Freeza has an infinite power supply to share.

And I want in. And when I spring Megachill from the Vault, I know he will too. And we'll all have a front row seat to the mutilation of the Sailor Rangers, and then he can watch me and my comrades take out the REAL Rangers!

End Journal Entry 2-14-2005