"Miss Galaxia," I said calmly, "Keep in mind that I'm without my fellow Psycho Rangers, and I won't fight an enemy I know nothing about."

I was almost certain that she'd freak out right there and then. Fortunately, she seems to have some level of patience.

"You read Sailor Mercury's thoughts," she responded in an equally calm manner. "Did you find what you were looking for?"

"More than enough," I gleamed, "She comes from the 'old school' of Blue Rangers in that she's the brains of the group. I learned about her, and everything about her friends, as well."

"........What do you have planned next?"

"I know how these Rangers think via the Blue Ranger. They'll keep her under constant watch and think that I'll fall if they pounce on me at once."

"Go on"

"It'll be much more fun (and a lot easier) if I pick off the other Rangers first. I was going to start off with their family and friends."

"Heh, heh, heh. I knew reviving you wasn't a mistake."

(Transmission Close)

I woke up from Galaxia's psychic dictation and began thinking how to start finding the Outer Senshi. Right now I'm disguised as a human walking down Toyoma Ave., the household of Sailor Moon. I'm told that she has a daughter here from an alternate time (the boss says she can morph too but that sounds incredibly stupid).

Sure enough, there she is at the front door, staring me down.

"HA!!" she said in a voice surprisingly loud. "YOU CAN'T FOOL ME! I BET YOU'RE ONE SCUM-SUCKING CRIMINAL COME TO ROB OUR--"

She never finished her sentence, fortunately. I grabbed her neck and prepared my hand for a killing blow.

"Shh..Don't talk, little girl..." I whispered as her head cracked open, "...Just die."


The amnesiac doctor looked up from his work to see a man dressed in armor from head to toe.


Dr.Tomoe blinked once and said, "I'm sorry...do I know you?"

The armored man zipped in front of Tomoe and grabbed his neck. "YOU FORGOT!! YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM AND YOU FORGOT!!!" A split second later, Tomoe's head was on the floor, separated from his body. His murderer looked at his now crimson hand and heard a whimper. Startled, he quickly turned around to see a teenage girl with black hair.

"I'll spare your life, because my fight's not with you. Hate me if you will, and seek my out when you're ready....Sailor Saturn"

A blood-curtling scream cut through the air as the armored killer left the house. Saturn was too shocked to chase after him. The assasin then felt a laugh coming on. He didn't see a need to hold it in...



Nothing like a little bit of mandatory child abuse to get your day going. I pilfered the brat's morpher when I searched her body for a house key(I could've broken in but that would make even more of a mess. One thing at a time, I always say!). I didn't find one, so I just left to take another walk. I reverted back to my human form(or at least my personal favorite human form) and began to think what to do next.

It was incredibly difficult to think this time around because a few dozen people confused me for Seto Kaiba , who I learned was a millionaire playboy duelist/fighter who was every bit as crazy as he was good-looking, and tried to sue me. I myself confused him for Iori Yagami(yet another loony with lots of fangirls), so it's understandable. Besides, I didn't want to leave a trail of human remains just yet.

After breaking a few arms, I finally thought of a brilliant idea: I'll go attack the Outer Senshi! They'll be the first ones the Blue Ranger would call for help, so I'll take out them just to show that they're of no help either!

When I got to the household of the Purple Ranger, though, the inside was caked in blood. Rolling in front of my feet was the head of Dr.Tomoe, the man I was going to take out myself. And I had just resolved to decap him with my Psycho Axe, too! I reverted back to my Ranger form and switched on my hemlet's computer. An image of Galaixa flashed before my eyes.

"Uh, boss," I said, "Did you know that Dr.Tomo was killed before I came?"

"......No. Why? "

"Because I think we may have some competition. Listen, I'll going to head back to your area and we can re-plan. Is that all right?"

"........Fine, but hurry up abou-"


I quickly turned around and saw a man in a tuxedo. Which brings me to where I am now.

"Darien Shields....YOUR HIDE'S MINE!!!!"