"AAAGH!!!" "WHOA!!" "ACK!!" "OOF!"

Darien, Serena, Megachill and Andros were all blown away to the far side of the alleyway by the blast. Darien bumped his head on a brick wall, Andros was blown back into the empty arcade, and Megachill and Serena crashed into each other.

"ooooooooh..." Andros looked out the window and saw his close friend TJ, the Sailor Scouts, and Psychoblue all lying in the street. "Oh no..." Andros scrambled back to his feet and was about to run into the street when Megachill lassoed him with a chain in the alleyway and hung him on the ceiling.

"I'll get back to you, old timer.." Sammy said quietly. "First I must get Shields." he went out the back door and saw the unconscious Tuxedo Mask. His head was bleeding and was not getting back up anytime soon. Sammy's warhammer was raised high into the air. "I'm gonna mash you into such a fine paste. So fine that not even Bunny will be able to bring you ba-AGH!!"

Sammy turned around and saw Serena in a shaky fighting stance. "Hey Buns.." Sammy smiled. "You want in on this dance?"

"Are..are you..really?" Sailor Moon couldn't even speak properly.

"Yes, Buns. It's me. Sammy. This is what happens to neglected siblings..and since you're going to die anyway.." Megachill grabbed Sailor Moon's throat, ran out of the alley, and rammed her into another building on the other side the street. A skull-shaped explosion of ki surrounded Serena as she hit the wall.

"..let's make this battle a GLORIOUS one!"




That I did not expect. All of the sudden they just burst forth with powers that I don't know where they came from.

My visor is kaput, so I can't regenerate right now. But wait..they're all lying on the ground. Looks like they're all unconscious right now..NOW'S MY CHANCE!!



What the!?


I turn around and get a punch right between my eyes. Looks like the Red Ranger is still ready to fight. Looks like he slashed me from behind with that Spiral Saber of his. There's a pile of chains next to him, too. Well, I don't care what reservations Psychored has for him. Anyone who attacks me behind my back will get a swift death!

"Let's finish this!" he says.

"....You'll be sorry you ever messed with meAAARGGGH!!"

It appears I overestimated your ability to stay on task.

I know that voice. Galaxia. She gotten bored and she's going to make me pay for procrastinating. She gets up from her table at that coffee shop across the street, and begins walking towards us, still in that trenchcoat of hers

"Ma'am, stay back! This man is very d-AAAAAAAGH!!" The Red Ranger was sent flying backwards with the ever-so-slight gesture from Galaxia. He fell into that manhole with a splash. Then the massive pain came back.

"I grow weary of this, Psycho." Galaxia crouches down in front of me. "Rest forever and think of your folly." She begins to charge up her ki in preparation for a killing blow...

"Damn it..."



Galaxia clutched her chest in pain and backed away from Psychoblue. She looked up, then looked down a few meters away and saw the Blue Ranger on his stomach with his handgun in his gloved hand.

"I don't know who you are, ma'am." he said as he got up, "But I don't like people who turn on their allies. Even baddies hafta stick together."

Galaxia fired off a beam of ki that hit TJ in the chest. Grasping the spot that the beam hit, he continued to run towards the Lady of Chaos and the two began trading blows..

Not too far away..

"HOLD IT!!" Sammy stopped short when Serena yelled. "Why..why do you kill Mom?"

"!!!!!!!!HOW DARE YOU! YOU THINK I DID THAT ON PURPOSE!?" Sammy turned himself into a saphire blur, warped in front of Serena, and slapped her in the face. "I had nothing against my parents..if that stupid boyfriend of yours died like he was supposed to, she'd still be alive..."

"But.." Serena felt like crying, but held back. "I can bring her back to life. You don't have to feel guilty about-"

"NO YOU CAN'T!!" Sammy raised his fist, but put it down. "I..Tomoe made me specifically with the Silver Millenium Crystal in mind. Anyone I kill..cannot be revived by it. They're just...DAMN IT, BUNNY! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!" Sammy delivered a roundhouse kick to his sister and sent her crashing into the pavement.

"What..what did I do..Sammy?" Serena spat out some blood and slowly got up.



"You're Sailor Moon. I was kidnapped because I'm your little brother. If you weren't Sailor Moon, none of this would have happened! Wasn't it enough that you had those flunkies of yours? How'd you-" Sammy stopped for a moment. "Psychoblue...his power's almost down to zero! Oh man. HANG ON, BIG BLUE!!" Sammy turned himself into a blur again and ricocheted off building after building towards where he left his comrade.

Serena was about to cry again when she felt a huge power different from Megachill or Psychoblue. "This power..no it can't be!! I have to hurry!"

Ignoring the immense pain, she ran in the same direction as her brother..



"What the!? It's you...."

Sammy was more than a little surprised when he stopped in front of Galaxia and TJ, leaving skid marks in the road and dents on the buildings. Damn it, TJ thought, I can't fight them both.

"Hey, you! Yeah you Blue Ranger!" Sammy dashed right behind TJ. "Did you do in my friend?"


"LIAR!!" Megachill's warhammer appeared and he took a swing at TJ. TJ instinctively turned around and blocked it with a backhand swing of his Astro Axe.

"I'm telling you I didn't!"

"Then who did, huh? And why're you fighting my dream girl?"

"That woman over- wait, 'dream girl'?

DREAM GIRL!? Galaxia screamed in her mind. Why that little brat..!

"Your 'dream girl' attacked Psychoblue! SHE'S the reason he's almost dead, not me!" TJ kicked Sammy away before he said that.

"...." It took an extra second for the youthful psychopath's head to calm its rage and absorb what TJ said. "You hero types don't lie...HEY YOU, DREAM GIRL!" Sammy turned himself into a blur again, this time passing TJ and appearing in front of Galaxia.

".....I was going to offer you a place as my personal assasin." Galaxia whispered bitterly.. "But if you insist on betrayal and insolence..." A flame appeared in her hand. "YOU CAN JUST DIE ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE!!"

10 yards away...

"My god...Galaxia!"

Arriving at the scene with nearly all of her comrades unconscious, Serena's initial thought would be that she was too late. Fortunately, Hotaru walked up to her and told her that they were just unconscious, nothing more. Raye walked up to Serena and said, "Serena..Megachill's face..he looks.."

"It's Sammy," Serena sobbed quietly. "Megachill..is Sammy. But that's not important right now. Did you defeat Psychoblue?" Serena looked at Psychoblue a few feet away. He wasn't moving.

Raye looked behind her and saw what Serena was looking at. "Yeah I think we did. But Galaxia's back. The last time we fought, she killed almost the entire team. And that was when we were at full strength. Even if the others wake up in time, we used up all of our powers to beat Psychoblue..."Raye bit her lip. "This may be the end."

"*skrk* Raye *skrk*...there?"

Raye's communicator began speaking. She let out a sigh of relief when she recognized the voice. "Yes, Red Ranger. Go ahead."

"*crackle*..right now..*squawk*in sewer. I'll be heading to where you are shortly..."

The blood-stained alleyway...


"Hmm?" Charlie twirled around and finally noticed that the body he found in the arcade back-alley was still alive.

"Y..you're..Charlie..Nash...right-agh!" Darien grasped his sides. His ribs must have been in shambles.

"Don't worry, son, you're safe now.." Charlie ripped a piece of cloth from his green jeans and wrapped it around Tuxedo Mask's bleeding head. "You're very brave, kid. You should be doing this crime-fighting professionally.

"T-thank you." Darien continued. "The two men..who murdered those people..one of them is down..and..and the other is still fighting.."

"Yeah, I recognize one the murderers. He's that 'Psycho Ranger.'"

"The..other one...don't interfere now...but when the battle's all over..please, do whatever you can to save him..he's...very...ill...." Darien blacked out, but Charlie took those words to heart. He put his gun back in his holster, and instead carefully watched the battle. If worse came to worse, he'd have to have his ki charged up for an emergency Sonic Break...


Megachill and Galaxia were grappling when they saw that Serena had arrived. Galaxia looked at Sammy, who was staring at his sister, then Serena, then Megachill again. Galaxia gave Sammy a sinister yet seductive smile.

"What's wrong?" she whispered. "Go on. Kill her and I'll put this behind me and you can be my sub-commander."

Sammy was still staring at Serena, but then slowly turned back to Galaxia.



"Today I accidentially killed my mother.." Sammy's warhammer materialized in his hand, and he ran towards the Lady of Chaos. "I WILL NOT KILL MY SISTER!!!"

Galaxia was taken by surprise and wasn't able to dodge a crippling blow to her ribs. But she maintained her focus. When Megachill had her on the ground, she put out both her hands and placed them on Megachill's chest.



Chunks of Megachill's armor was sent flying, exposing his bare chest, as he crashed right next to Serena.

"D...damn it, Buns..T-this is all your fault.....*"

Serena was too stunned to cry. The others were too stunned to attack. The rest were flat out stunned into submission.

"Now..." Galaxia licked her blood off her lips and began walking towards the fallen Sailor Senshi. "THE END!!"

"Couldn't agree more!!"

Andros and TJ burst forth from the manhole behind Galaxia and they both slashed her across her back. With a cutting scream, she fell forward. TJ walked towards Galaxia pulled out his handgun.

"Do yourself a favor, ma'am: stay down and come quietly."

No such luck of course. Galaxia powered up, and vanished in a golden haze.

"DAMN!!" Andros punched the ground, leaving an indent to where his fist was. "She got away! But at least we got P- hey where is he?"

Psychoblue was gone, too. Apparently he escaped while no one was watching.

Serena crouched down and placed her hand on her unconscious brother. "My god...Sammy..."

2 days later at Raye's shrine....

"This is the code for our frequency. With this, you can call me or any of the other Rangers with your communicator in case Psychoblue or any other Psycho Rangers come back or if you just need help in particular." Andros handed Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina a piece of paper with numbers on it.

"Hey by the way," TJ walked over to Raye, "did you know I used to be a Red Ranger? Why I clearly remember leading my team to battle once only to get baked in a giant pizza..."

Andros just shook his head. "Ugh, here he goes again..."


"THIS IS TOO MUCH!! HE'S ONLY A KID!!" Serena had to be held back by Darien. Her brother was being carried away to a maximum security prison in America strapped to stretcher in an adamantium straight-jacket.

"I'm sorry that this displeases you ma'am." Charlie said as he signed the papers to transfer Megachill to the US. "But your brother is a very sick man. Until we can find someone who can help him, he needs to be contained for everyone else's safety."

"C'mon, chico de loco. VAMANOS!!" Carlos, who was in his guise as the Black Ranger, pushed Megachill faster into the van. "And don't even think about escaping!"

"Me...escape?" Megachill, whose helmet had regenerated so he could not be identified by the public, turned his head. "HEY EVERYONE!! I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!!! I KNOW WHO SAILOR MOON IS!!"

Serena held her breath.

"AND I'M GONNA TELL THE WORLD!!!" Megachill turned his head back to the van. "But not just yet.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!"

Even as the door to sound-proof van slammed shut, Sammy's voice could be heard throughout the area...