~Wind blows and Sol stands alone as usual~ Huh the wind just changed! That means danger is near. Alright looks like things just might get fun today!~ Sol begins to run east and comes across Ky~

Ky: What! If you're here that means!

Sol: Something big is about to go down!

~The earth starts to rise and a giant hand grabs both Sol and Ky and drag them into a dark abyss~

Ky: AH oh no!

Sol: Ughh! Get your damn dirty hand off me!!

~The two black out and wake up near a girl in bandages~

Ky: Huh...oohh my head hmmm

Sol: Who! Where! When! What the who are you!

~Just as he said that Robo Ky attacks from the sky and tries to kill Ky~

Ky: Damn that was close! Take this RIDE THE LIGHTENING!!

Sol: Well at least he is not totally useless!

~Robo Ky jumps in the air and unleashes a good seventy bombs at them.~

Sol: Damn!!

~Ky noticed the girl in bandages didn't run~

Ky: Hurry! up and Move!!