Kamen No Narushishisuto

This Is The Lyrics To Vega's Song From The SF Image/Vocal Collection

Ecstacy,Where Does It Come From

A Pantheon Shall Be Selected

In The Myth In Which the Applicable Soldier Lives Again

The Target A Red Colored Whirlwind Fighter(Ken)

My Satisfaction And Resistance

I Am Praised By Beautiful Women,

In Order To Fight,In This Game Of Death

I Wear Claws Of Iron

And With Shining Launches And Fantastic Procedures

For My Claws To Find Blood And The Judgement Of Human Beings

Here!, Where Death Shall Come

My Form Hides Under The Organization Of Shadowloo

What Are My Occupations? Why Would Such A Beautiful Person Such As Myself

A Noble Narcissist Be Working For A Crime Group

A Dance Like A Beautiful Crimson Rose

The Colors Of The Flamenco Burn

With My Claws Of Iron I Enter The Colosseum

And With Flashing Launches Of Beauty And Brightness

The Fascinating Procedures Of My Search For Blood And Judgement Of Beauty Here!!

Where My Opponent Kneels Down Taking Their Last Breath