The Street Vs. The Guilty

Now Let's Have Ourselves A Look
Through Time Games Really Changed Their Looks
From The Old SF Graphics To The Beauty Of Guilty Gear
I Must Outright Say What Happens When These Two Are Placed Together.

Have A Look Ryu And Ken They Take A Chance
Against Sol Badguy And Ky Kiske
With An Occasional Bandit Revolver And Stun Edge To Stop Some Hadoukens.

Chun-li's Taking Her Chance Against Miss Cranberry Jam The Spinning Bird Kick Against The Breathe Of The Mountain.

Vega Tries His Best To Dazzle His Opponent But Let's Face It What Can You Do Against A Blind And Dead Zombie Taken Over By The Will Of An Evil Shadow Named Eddie.

Venom Raids The Carcasses As He Launches The Cues And All Dan Can Do Is Scream With Pain As A Result Of His Taunts.

The Beautiful Cammy Trying Her Best Against The Cold Miss Millia With Rage In Her Heart.

"Watch My Dance And Fall To It" Anji Shouted As He Dazzled Elena With A Traditional Japanese Dance But Only Ended Up With His Glasses Broken In By A Painful Capoeira Kick.

Johnny Kept Hitting On Karin But Backed Off When She Threatened A Call To The Police And Shouting "I'm Only Sixteen!!".

Chippy Boy Kept Trying To Outdo The Ninjitsu Specialist Ibuki But With All His Speed He Lacked A Defense.

Faust Is Just As Whacky As Ever With The Paper Bag Head Happy To Bring Laughter To T.Hawks Stoic Cold Face.

With A Sonic Boom Versus The Great Teddy Bear Of Little Girl Bridget Who's Really A Boy!!.

Zangief Get's A Wonderful Taste Of The Heavenly Potemkin Buster By Potemkin Himself The Eight Foot Giant Not Wanting To Bring Pain.

Makoto Keeps Telling May That She Still Has A Father And Won't Join The Mayship.

Gill Thinks He's The Strongest But Is Obliterated By Queen Justice's Gamma Ray.

Bison Takes A Chance Against The Vampire Descendant Of Nosferatu Slayer And His Wife Sharon.

I-no's A Bit Too Open Well Mainly Her Shirt Giving Poor Remy Some Pain Where It Hurts.

Axl Walks Into A Bar Hoping To Buy Some Drinks But See's Mister Eagle Talking With Some Overly Friendly Men And Runs Away Like A Bat Out Of Hell.

Oro...Dizzy Who Will Win A Gamma Ray Here And A Tengu Renseki There And There But When You've Got More Power Than Your Mother Queen Justice.

Testament The New God Of Death Versus Akuma Master Of The Fist.

Ghostly S-ko Has Her Way With Mortal Zappa And Rose Tries A Purification Tactic.

Now That's It I Bid You All Adieu