Chapter 2: Fated Meeting

The trumpets began to sound off beautiful Spanish music, and the crowd went wild. Avonlaid was still sort of lost, and decided to read her pamphlet on the evenings activities. Since she was a goddess, she had vast knowledge of many languages, both human and alien.

"Um, who is this Vega Fabio la Serda? I hear the girls in the arena chanting his name..but what makes him so special?"

Just wait and watch. He should be approaching the arena very soon. I am sure you will like what you see. Just trust me.

So Avon did as he suggested amd waited anxiously for this Vega fellow to come into sight. Just as she began to feel that she would burts with excitement, the matador came into view. Avonlaid was in shock. Never had she seen such a beautiful man.

The hot Spanish sun was beating down on his fair skin and golden blonde hair. She stared at his tall, slim body, as he gracefully strode into the arena and waved to the crowd. Avonlaid thought she saw him look at her and smile, but shrugged it off as her imagination getting the best of her. That was until he started to walk in her direction.

Oh dear! What do I do?! Why...

Just calm down. He likes to entertain the women...

"Welcome to my fight, beautiful woman. You are very exotic to these parts..Why don't you take this rose and come to see me after the fight?" he smiled at her in a rather entising way, his pale blue eyes looking directly into hers the whole time.

Avonlaid blushed and lost her articulation,""

With his answer recieved, Vega left for the center of the ring. He waved to the crowd and the bull was released. The fight was fast and gorgeously executed.Avon couldn't wait to see him after the fight.

When the arena had cleared and all the screaming fangirls ran to wait outside, the man that had been guiding Avon told her that he was going to go home now and that if she needed all he need to was get his phone number at the front desk of the hotel. Avon nodded and told him thank you, and waited for him to leave before she went looking for Vega.

"Oh dear...I can't wait to see him again..." Avonlaid walked around to the entrance of the hallway where Vega had appeared from, and waved to the gaurds.

"Vega gave me this rose and told me to meet him after the fight..Can I go through?"

The gaurds looked at her for a moment and then began to laugh."Look girl, if you want to see him you'll have to go outside like everyone else. That rose doesn't mean shit. He just wanted to look friendly. Now go on outside."

Avonlaid did NOT like that answer. She doesn't accept being told no, especially since she is a goddess. "Well, you guys are really rude. I'm going back there. I was invited. Where I come from, when you are invited, the invitee never goes back on his invite. Now let me through."

"Look kid, get the hell outta here before we have to drag you out. I'm sure that would be embarrassing. Now go."

That was the last straw. Avonlaid had always had little tolerance for rudeness, and this was just outright blasphemy. So instead of saying anything else, she released a small power wave, just big enough to knock out the gaurds in the immediate vacinity.

Now then, to Vega.