Dark Vegetto part 3

**********Well folks I'm back with the third installment of this wonderful series. I don't know how much longer it's going to keep going. I guess until I run out of SF, SM, characters to kill off (and subsequently any db/z/gt characters whom I deem to punish).To be perfectly honest I'm just having way to much fun with this. Now to pick up where we left off Gohan just got torn apart by Dark Vegetto's right hand general Testament (that's right folks I'm throwing a guilty gear character in here too). Testament returned to Dark Vegetto's side not only as his general/angel of death but as his newly adopted son of evil. If you thought the last one was bloody just hold on to your butts cuz it's about to get worse!******************

Dark Vegetto: Testament I need you to do some major purging of this world. I've got a small errand to run in the underworld.

Testament: Yes master I will do your bidding.

Dark Vegetto: Call me father from now on after all you are now my son.

Testament: Yes……..father

Dark Vegetto: That's my boy. Now go kill more people.

Testament: If I may ask what exactly do you need from the underworld father?

Dark Vegetto: To forge the Dragonfang into its true state.

Both smile evilly and begin to laugh at this fact.

Testament: Finally you will have the ultimate weapon father!

Dark Vegetto: Yes I want new souls to test it out on my son now be a good angel of death and slay until my return. Oh and Testament catch and keep at least one person alive I want to see what it will do to mortals.

Testament: Yes father.

With those words the Dark Vegetto is engulfed in dark fire. Meanwhile Testament is fulfilling his task terrorizing, maiming and killing as many people as possible and enjoying every second of it. Suddenly a young man drops out of the sky behind him. Testament turns around with and smiles cruelly at him.

Testament: I can sense a strong aura from you, not that this matters but who are you?

Goten: My name's Goten and I will stop you!

Testament: Very well Goten, tell me are you stronger than that other one of your kind that I killed earlier?

Goten: So you're the monster that did that to my brother Gohan!!!!

Testament: Hey nothing personal father ordered me to kill him with my bare hands and so I did.

Goten: You and your father are sick!!!!

Testament: Tell me little boy, how do you want to die slow and excruciatingly painful or quick and painful?

Goten: Neither, but don't you mean painless on that last one?

Testament: No I mean painful…..and how kind of you to let me choose. Slow and excruciating it is!

Testament holds out his right hand as his scythe appears.

Testament: Oh and don't bother wasting my time go to your strongest level or why don't you……..

Testament smiles as he reaches behind a nearby dumpster and pulls out Goten's friend Trunks.

Testament: Fuse into your higher state.

Testament tosses Trunks at Goten's feet

Goten: YOU BASTARD!!!!!! Trunks are you ok?

Trunks nods as both square up to fuse into Gotenks

Goten and Trunks: FUUUUUUUUUU…………

They move closer performing the fusion pose

Goten and Trunks: SION HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As they complete the pose they fuse into Gotenks.

Gotenks: Now you're going to wish you were never born.

Testament: I think not boys. Now go to your highest state!

Gotenks: If you want a true super saiya-jin then you're going to get one!!!

Testament: Hold that thought boys I believe you should wait until father gets here…I know he'll be just itching to try out his new blade. Until then….

Testament Waves his hand in the air as a blood red net appears ensnaring Gotenks and holding him frozen in time.

Dark Vegetto finishes forging the sword into its complete form.

Dark Vegetto: I finally have it!!!! The divine sword capable of killing even gods and goddesses that only I the chosen one can wield……Finally the Dragonwraith is mine!!!

Dark Vegetto makes his way out of the forge and towards the entrance of the pit but stops near a room and turns around as he hears chains clanking and a familiar screech.

Dark Vegetto: Nah it couldn't be……….he was sealed away by those cursed wizards on Babel ages ago but still……………… I wonder.

Dark Vegetto walks over to the room with his newly acquired sword at the ready. He kicks in the door to see a white and blue gear with a blood red ponytail sticking out of its head.

Dark Vegetto: Is that you…….Justice:?

Justice look up in fear knowing he can't defend himself.

Justice: Who……who are you?

Dark Vegetto: Answer me! Are you Justice?

Justice: Yes, I am Justice …..You know me but I don't know you.

Dark Vegetto: Justice it's me your king.

Justice looks up with both fear and happiness in his eyes upon hearing this.

Justice: Master is it really you?

Dark Vegetto: Yes Justice now how about we get you out of here and let you release that perfect nature of destruction of yours?

Justice is shocked by Dark Vegetto's words

Justice: You're not going to kill me?!!!!

Dark Vegetto: Kill you? Now why in the hell am I going to kill one of my two best generals?

Justice hangs his head in shame.

Justice: Because I failed you my king.

Dark Vegetto: Look I had no idea the type of arcane magic they used on Babel. Had I known I would have dealt with them myself instead of sending you. Now hold still.

Dark Vegetto draws back the Dragonwraith and brings it down through Justice's chains. Justice rises.

Justice: I still feel as though I should be punished for failing you my ki………….UUUUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Before he can finish his sentence Dark Vegetto punches Justice in the stomach. Justice drops to the ground doubled over in pain.

Dark Vegetto: Happy? Now consider yourself punished and get you mechanized ass up off the floor. You know for a machine you sure can be a pain in the ass at times then again other than Testament you are the only truly sentient machine I've ever encountered. Now let's get the hell out of here.

Justice: Right behind you my king.

Justice slams his segmented metal tail on the ground.

Dark Vegetto: Lets go Justice….. before Testament kills everyone.

Justice: Yes my liege.

Dark Vegetto is once again engulfed in dark fire as Justice is engulfed in a band of electricity. Both appear on the surface in front of Testament.

Testament: Father I see you're back and look I caught you another half Sayian-jin to try your new sword out on.

Dark Vegetto: Excellent Testament, but look who I found.

Justice: Father?! What the deuce is going on here?!!!!

Dark Vegetto: I will offer you the same thing that I offered Testament, Justice. Kill the little monkey boy here and you can return to my side and I will restore your powers to their true potential. I will also give you the same privilege of being my son. Ok Testament release the ape.

Testament waves his left hand in the air and Gotenks drops to the ground with a heavy thud.

Dark Vegetto: Justice he's all yours. Make me proud and Justice make sure that he dies painfully.

Gotenks: So which one of you goons am I fighting first.

Justice steps forward and flexes his metallic claws.

Gotenks: Man are you ugly!

Justice: I could say the same about you wretched monkey.

Gotenks: Just what is your mission here anyway I can already tell it's not good but I have to know.

Justice: My mission is the genocide of you pathetic Saiya-jins just as his majesty ordered!

Gotenks looks a little confused by Justice's words.

Gotenks: Right………

Before Gotenks can say anything else Justice slashes Gotenks with his claws and emits enough of an electrical pulse to stun him. Justice then grabs Gotenks by then neck and hoists him off the ground. As Gotenks begins to regain movement he begins to thrash wildly about in Justice's grip.

Gotenks: KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!

Gotenks fires a kamehameha into Justice's. Justice looks down and snorts at Gotenks.

Justice: Is that your best?

Gotenks: Ah crap!!!

Justice arcs his tail up over his shoulder and brings it even with Gotenks's eyes. The razor edge and tip of Justice's tail gleams.

Justice: With this tail of mine I've killed many of your kind but after thirteen centuries of imprisonment I want to have some fun with my prey. To bad for you I'm in a torturing mood today.

Justice slashes Gotenks's knees open exposing muscle and bone. Blood pours from the wounds as Justice does the same to Gotenks's arms. Gotenks Screams in agony as Justice continues to torture him slashing Gotenks's body with his razor sharp tail. As Gotenks goes limp in Jusitce's grip due to all the major muscles in his legs and arms have been severed. Justice puts the tip of his tail right in front of Gotenks's left eye

Justice: Now comes my favorite part…..

Dark Vegetto turns to Testament and smiles cruelly.

Dark Vegetto: I love it when he does this!

Testament: This should be entertaining to see what happens to the little monkey.

Justice: Answer me this boy. What happens when you stick a razor sharp blade in someone's eye?

Gotenks: Ugggghhhhh what kind of sick question is that?

Justice: Answer me.

Gotenks: I don't know!!!!!

Justice: How about I enlighten you…….

Justice moves the tip of his tail closer to Gotenks's left eye.

Justice: THE HARD WAY!!!!!!!!!!

With those words Justice plunges the tip of his tail into Gotenks's left eye and rolls the razor tip around causing Gotenks to scream in agony as his eye pops as though it were a grape being stepped on. Blood and fluid flow from Gotenks's left eye socket as though it were a macabre fountain. Justice pulls the tip of his tail out of Gotenks's blood covered left eye socket with Gotenks's eyeball with it's nerve endings still attached to it.

Justice: Hey Testament!

Testament: What?

Justice: You want his eye to munch on?

Testament: Sure!!! I'll take em both!

Justice: What about Saiya-jin mountain oysters?

Testament: No thanks but neuter him anyway!!!!

Justice: What about you my king would you be interested in Saiya-jin mountain oysters?

Dark Vegetto: HELL NO!!!!!! I'll have his heart for lunch though and I concur with Testament neuter the little monkey just to add to his humiliation in death.

Justice: Yes my king….

Justice pulls the eyeball off his tail and tosses it to Testament who pops it in his mouth chews it and swallows it. Justice moves the tip of his tail to Gotenks's right eye

Justice: Now little boy would you like to try again? What happens when I stick the razor edge of my tail in your eye?


Justice: Correct, now lets see what happens when I do…….

Justice's tail tip begins to spin like a drill bit.

Gotenks: OH GOD NO PLEASE DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!

Justice: THIS!!!!!!!

Justice stabs his tail rotating tail tip into Gotenks's right eye. Gotenks's eyeball pops and spews fluid and blood as the tail blade continues to rotate around in the eye socket binding and twisting nerve endins and winding them up like spaghetti on a fork. Justice pulls his tail and Gotenks's eyeball out of the socket spewing forth a new wave of blood from the newly opened hole.

Justice: Here you go Testament!

Justice tosses Testament the other eyeball which suffers the same fate as its predecessor. Justice drops Gotenks as who is bleeding and crying out in agony and fear as he falls into the pool of his own blood.

Justice: Master, shall I neuter him now or before I kill him?

Dark Vegetto looks at Testament and both nod and begin to laugh

Dark Vegetto: Cut his n*ts off now so he can die in utter humiliation.

Justice: Yes my king.

Justice slashes the razor edge of his tail through Gotenks's crotch neutering him instantly

Justice: Now lets see how your entrails look.

Justice stuns Gotenks again. As Gotenks lays on the ground he feels Justice's tail slicing through his chest cavity exposing Gotenks's heart and down his stomach exposing his stomach, liver, and bowels.

Justice: My my my….. you're tougher than any other mortal who's ever suffered this fate, by now most of them would have died.

Gotenks gets just enough movement back to scream as he hears Justice's tail tip begin to rotate again.

Dark Vegetto: Justice need I remind you that I want that heart while it's still warm and beating!!!

Justice bends down and grabs Gotenks's beating heart and pulls it out as he plunges the tip of his tain down into Gotenks's right eye socket and bores through Gotenks's head into his brain, through the back of Gotenks's skull and back up again until his tail snakes out of Gotenks's left eye socket. Justice then pulls his tail out of Gotenks: skull and presents Dark Vegetto with Gotenks's heart as if it were a gift.

Dark Vegetto: I accept your offering Justice. Reclaim your place by my side once again. Take your place by your brother my son.

Dark Vegetto stretches out his hand as it begins to glow in a black and blood red aura.


Justice begins to glow with the same black and blood red aura as Dark Vegetto's hand. Justice drops to the ground as if struck by a thunderbolt then slowly rises with an evil smile and begins to laugh cruellyDark Vegetto holds his arms open as if welcoming a long lost son who has just come home. As the two embrace their dark auras turn the surrounding sky black. Justice then takes his place by Testament. Dark Vegetto turns to his two sons with an evil smile.

Dark Vegetto: Now shall we go kill some more my sons?