All star dueling tournament: Part 15

Setsuna believes that Seto was too busy helping out his sister so she decided to open up Kaiba Land by making an announcement. That way by opening Kaiba Land early people will have lots of extra time to visit Pharo Kage's tournament.

Sephiroth follows Setsuna in to Kaiba Land. He sees Seto inside Kaiba Land and goes to talk to him since there was still some time left before Pharo Kage's tournament. "Hey, boss. I think you should join or at least visit your sister's tournament."

"You're right. You and Setsuna look after Kaiba Land for me while I am away." Seto gives control of Kaiba Land over to Sephiroth and Setsuna. He picks up his brief case and walks out of Kaiba Land to where his sister Pharo Kage was preparing for her tournament. "Sister, let me join your tournament. It sounds like fun."

Sephiroth bows his head at Seto Kaiba as he was given the job to look after Kaiba Land. When he saw Seto leave, Seto took out his sword and patrolled the entire area of Kaiba Land. He continued walking and inspecting every corner to make sure that if there was a cheater or someone wanting to commit a crime in Kaiba Land he would kill them.

"Good luck with the duel!" Setsuna wishes all the people that were leaving Kaiba Land to go to Pharo Kage's duel good luck and the people that are staying in Kaiba Land she will work with Sephiroth to look after the place. The Kaibas put a lot of time and money in to making Kaiba Land a fun and respectable place for everyone and she wanted to make sure it will stay this way. "James had better not put too much drug in his burgers. Let me check the rule books at what needs to be looked at."