All star dueling tournament: Part 19

Jaden slept in and comes late to another duel match. He was upset he couldn't duel but he saw the cafeteria and started to buy lots of junk food to eat. "Coming late to duels gives me a big appetite."

Zane continues searching the tournament and looking for Setsuna, trying to get attention from her. He sees Jaden at the cafeteria and feels disgusted at the sight of him eating like a pig. "Jaden, shouldn't you have graduated from duel academy like 10 years ago?" Zane saw Syrus and wondered what was with his new dark look. Soon all the people calmed down when new food was bought in. Zane wanted to talk to Syrus but he didn't want to waste time as he still continued his search. Remembering how Jaden used to eat back at the duel academy, then Zane was certain that Jaden could eat up all the new food in no time.

Duel monsters have gathered around wondering who is the strongest duel monster that will be summon. They could see a lot of energy being gathered to awaken something big. All that is needed is a massive surge of energy from two great duelists in a duel.

Zane was shocked to see his little brother Syrus as the top student in Pharo Kage's duel academy. He remembered as if it was just yesterday when Syrus was a Slifer Red following Jaden around. When he headed back to the dueling stadium to see the duel between Pharo Kage and Jaden he was angry to see Jaden still eating like a pig in the cafeteria. "A Slifer slacker will always be a Slifer slacker."