All star dueling tournament: Part 23

Seto does not feel like dueling. He has not felt like dueling for a long time but one thing he does know is that he will not allow Zane to duel because Zane was also a top student that graduated a long time ago from his duel academy and he doesn't want Zane to put his duel academy to shame if his dueling skills are weak and pathetic just like Jaden. Seto crosses his arms and looks angrily at watching Pharo Kage and Alister duel, he doesn't like how close they are and would kill Alister if he considers dating his sister.

Sephiroth knows how severe and important the situation is and tries to convince Seto to duel so he goes to talk to him. "Mr. Kaiba, are you sure you won't consider a duel with your sister? Bad consequences could happen if you do not."

"What promises and what is it that you want in return Zane?" Setsuna smiles at Zane knowing very well what he wanted in return for those rare cards but it seems that the situation has changed and that there is a crowd of people pressuring Seto to duel instead. "Everyone must want to see Seto Kaiba duel again. Good luck, he is super stubborn."

"You smile is a good enough reward for me." Zane smiles back at Setsuna. He almost feels the urge to taunt Seto and anger him enough to duel. "How about I get Kaiba mad enough to duel? I know that guy can't stand me."

Sephiroth continues following Seto Kaiba around waiting to hear the answer if he will duel or not before other duelists who are not as nice start using force or dirty tactics. "I am still waiting for your answer, Mr. Kaiba. Will you duel or not. I think it is very important if you do duel."

Jaden becomes nosy and listens in. "I have always wanted to duel Seto too! I dueled Yugi before and I want to see what it is like to duel the owner of the duel academy that always fails me. I'll convince Seto to duel me with a kiss from Elemental Hero Burstinatrix!"

Zane all of a sudden sees Jaden teasing Seto Kaiba and decides to join in. Zane turns on his duel disc and tries to get Seto Kaiba angry enough to duel. "Hey, Kaiba! What's wrong why don't you want to duel any more unless you have forgotten how to duel? Rumor has it that you have an abnormal crush on Jaden's Elemental Hero Burstinatrix and if you agree to duel then you can marry Burstinatrix and retire in Neo Space where the both of you can raise a big family of little hero freak babies!"