All star dueling tournament: Part 32

A big smile came across Crowler's face as he believes that he would finally be getting rid of the Slifer Red Slack Jaden. Although he wants Jaden kicked out of Duel Academy, he would not want to see Jaden get killed in the crossfire of Sephiroth and Genesis' fight.

Jaden stands up and not looking where he was going, he ran. Jaden ran and then tripped himself landing right on top of Kage. If Jaden knew who he tripped on top he would be even more scared.

"Any time you are ready. I have very strict orders from Mr. Kaiba not to let anyone pass. You see this Light Duelist that you seek needs all the time he can to prepare his deck and think of new strategies because he has been out of touch in the dueling scene." Zane shows no fear to the leader of the Soul Seekers but feels worried at what could happen to Jaden now.

"Jaden!" Alexis runs after Jaden to see if he was okay after he was picked up and thrown through a window back inside the Duel Academy by Kage. Alexis finds Jaden bleeding from the glass and the site of Jaden dying gets her almost angry enough to duel.

Seto finishes preparing his deck and watches Zane about to duel Kage. He was pleased with Zane's loyalty and has made the right decision to make him the Vice President of Kaiba Corp. "I'll study these Soul Seekers some more before I make myself known."