All star dueling tournament: Part 36

Zane leaves the fight zone, paying no attention to Sephiroth or Genesis' fight, or the giant Critias dragon scorching Jaden. He walked quickly and made sure that he wasn't follow in order to go to where Mr. Kaiba was. Once there Zane listened to what the new plan was.

"You come back here and help save us!" Doctor Crowler chases after Zane that soon led him to where Seto Kaiba was. All of a sudden Crowler realized that he was much safer outside with the fighting and the giant monsters but it was too late for him to walk away as he was all ready seen.

"CROWLER! What are you doing here?" Zane said in anger as he realized that Crowler had followed him to the secret hideout where he was talking to Mr. Kaiba. Zane knew that this meeting had to be a secret as it concerned the fate of Duel Academy and he waits to see what orders Mr. Kaiba will have concerning what to do with the snooping Crowler.

Jaden was not scared of Kage's giant Critias because he had his crew of Neo Spacians. Instead of crying in fear he decided to smile and instructed his Neo Spacians to sing with him. "When I am feeling down or scared, I sing my favorite song! Game on, get your game on. Come on ya better play your cards right. Game on, get your game on. We'll make the grade and win this fight." Jaden was sure that Kage would like his song.

Kage laughs "that's a pathetic song just as pathetic as you and your monsters for Critias can do more then yours can in fact once I draw his 2 comrads form my deck you're finished. Now I fuse Critias with my trap card Mirror force to create Mirror Force Dragon! Now my faithful servant attack his Neos " she says as Critias MFD destroys Neos then she waits to see what they say since monsters can't fuse with monsters.