All star dueling tournament: Part 42

Sephiroth is angered at Zane's tauntings towards him and snaps. More so then he lost his sanity when he burned down Niebleheim. "That's it! You are dead." Sephiroth summons his long sword and chases Zane with it trying to kill him.

Zane knew that he was trouble and started running for his life. His only hope was that he could out run Sephiroth or find a safe place to hide. Zane was nearly able to dodge Sephiroth's psycho sword attacks and was really glad that he kept in shape so that he was able to stay alive as one wrong or slow move could lead to him being chopped up. "Hey! Stop being a sore loser!"

Seto watches Sephiroth chase Zane and try to kill him. He decides to watch a little longer before he says or do anything. Seto didn't understand why Zane had forgotten that he had a gun in his pocket and that bullets can be faster than swords. As Seto watches he continues talking to Kage. "So what is it that you want from me? Do you realize how much damage has been done here? Not that I care about Jaden but the repairs are going to cost me another 3 million dollars."

As if Zane could hear what Seto said. Zane remembers that he had a gun and stopped running to face Sephiroth as he held the gun with both hands and began firing bullets at Sephiroth. "Take that!"

Sephiroth blocked each and every one of the bullets with his sword. He takes one swing with his sword and cuts Zane's gun in half. Once Zane saw his gun being cut in half he immediately continued running, this time running as fast as he could, even faster than before. Zane was starting to wonder why the boss Mr. Kaiba won't come to his rescue or was he too scared too?

"Hey you why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Hassleberry decides to stand up for Zane against Sephiroth because he thinks that Sephiroth is trying to pick on and kill students or former students of Duel Academy. He may soon regret this decision but he was acting on impulse of being a hero.