All star dueling tournament: Part 44

Seto still didn't feel like dueling as he wanted to win and be a great duelist on his own terms not with help from someone else not even from the world's most powerful card. However a familar annoying voice started to get on his nerves. "What are you doing here, Wheeler? I kicked you out?"

Doctor Crowler looks on in speechless shock at Kaiba's stubborn refusal to duel eventhough it means that so much was at stake but could this have anything to do with Joey's sudden appearance as he seems to be the only one that can annoy Kaiba enough to lose his temper and want to duel?

Sephiroth is now mad at Seto Kaiba and turns to face him. "How dare you refuse a duel from the Soul Seekers? You should give our leader the respect instead of focusing on Joey Wheeler the idiot who is nothing but a rookie with a big mouth."

Zane was happy that Sephiroth forgot all about killing him but he was worried that now Sephiroth was angry with his boss which was bad. If anything bad happened to Seto Kaiba he could be out of a job and back to being a loser being laughed at the professional dueling leagues. "Mr. Kaiba, maybe you should reconsider dueling the Soul Seekers?"

Joey begins poking at Seto Kaiba with a stick trying to get him to duel him just like the old days except that this time Joey has been training hard. "What's the matter, Kaiba? Are you chicken? Just admit that I am the better man and duelist. And also I want that Ultimate card. Gimme! You don't want to see me angry."

Zane hears exactly what the Soul Seekers were saying and he runs in front of Seto Kaiba to stop him from leaving in case he didn't hear. "Did you hear that? The Soul Seekers have your little brother Mokuba and they will brain wash him in to being one of them unless you do something."

"Come on Kaiba! Don't be a coward and duel me." Joey gets in to Seto Kaiba's face and then starts pulling on the back of his jacket to get his attention to duel him. Joey had been training hard and wants to get revenge on Kaiba for all the humiliating defeats.