All star dueling tournament: Part 47

Seto Kaiba really appreciated how Zane was able to handle the security at Kaiba Corp and not let anyone disturb him as he was preparing for a duel. He was going to use his famous Blue Eyes White Dragon cards but also he had to add something special in because he could not take any risks in losing as his brother's life was on the line. "I never thought I would have to use one of these cards in a duel but desperate times call for desperate measures." Zane continues to keep watch day and night to keep all the rabid reporters and fans out of Kaiba Corp.

Seto had finished preparing his deck and was ready. He tried not to let anyone know that he was worried and stood on top of the roof of Kaiba Corp watching Zane hold the media and everyone back and away from Kaiba Corp.

Watching from not so far away is Joey Wheeler who plans to ambush Seto Kaiba and force him to duel him before he has a chance to get to Kage. Joey has waited far long enough to fight Kaiba and it was time for him to avenge his honor.

Quickly when no one was looking, Jaden snuck past the crowd of people and pressed the button near the door that rang a bell and Jaden could speak in to. Loudly. "Hey, Kaiba. If you are too scared to duel then I can take your place. My Heroes and Neo Spacians are ready for anything. All I ask for in return is that you let me graduate from Duel Academy and save me from Crowler's exams."