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Why is the site layout/design so shitty?

This site layout/design was originally created by someone over 10 years ago on another site that is not around. We would like to keep things the same to honor the original site creator.

Why are the hentai pictures in the Picture Gallery censored but they are not in the Commissions section?

You can get the full version of the images in the Picture Gallery by buying the original comics/doujinshis. The pictures in the Commissions Section are the ones that this site has paid for so we are able to put up the full version to share with all you perverts.

Can I write nasty comments to Chun-Li in the Question the Fighters section? She is so hot and I want to fuck her.

Go ahead. No one is going to stop you although you might not get the response that you want when your question gets answered.

How often does this site get updated?

At least once a month but this could just be an announcement, adding minor pictures or putting up new responses to the Question the Fighters section. The full update with the Street Fighter galleries, which is probably what most people want to see, is usually every 1-3 months because of the work involved.

How old is this site? How many people are working on it?

This site has been around for quite some time but the exact age is unknown because there has been a couple of changes in management. One of the original site owners has sadly passed away. Zane updates the Commissions section that he gets from Setsuna as well as anything else that is requested.

Is there hentai here?

Yes but only very little. Any hentai/lemon/NC-17 fics have warnings on them and the pictures are censored. There is no gay/homosexual hentai here for obvious reasons because Dan is all ready a dangerous health hazard to all the men.

Are you guy going to put up individual pictures of The Street Fighter characters?

No. There is a Street Fighter group gallery of Ken, Ryu, Dan, Cammy and many others. It's the lazy way out. The majority of the pictures that we have are of Vega.

Why don't you have an Information section where you can give summaries of each individual episode of the animes? Or review the comics/doujinshis too?

It isn't really needed because it is much better to just buy the animes and comics yourself. When an anime is translated or dubbed from Japanese to English they usually cut scenes and have minor changes to the storyline. It seems that whatever is considered 'gay' may not be so in Japan. If there are any more scary Ryu and Ken pool scenes like in SFIIV then I don't want to hear about it.

I can't get in to a certain section of this site!

Try refreshing and reloading again, it could be another server down problem. That does occasionally happen here. This site works best with Internet Explorer. It does work with other browsers but you might not be able to see some of the features.

When ever I come here I am afraid of getting attacked by Dan. Is there anything I can do to protect myself from Dan?

Dan prefers to attack men that look like Vega. Men that have long blond braided hair, a snake tattoo on their chest, a high pitch yodel and carry a hand claw. So try to make your appearance as unVega like as possible. However NO man is safe from Dan so if you see a happy man in a pink gi, RUN!

I think Vega is hot! Is it possible if I can be in a fic making hot love to Vega?

Fan girls (and gay fan boys) rejoice at this latest Vega news. If you want to be romantically involved with Vega in a fic you can do so but you will have to write it yourself especially if it is yaoi because I'm sure as Hell am not going to write it... It is best not to send any Ryu lemon fics to Setsuna because she is perverted enough as it is.

Where is the art work section?

The very little art work, that talented people have been kind enough to donate to this site, have been combined with the regular picture galleries. Some of it may be in the Battle Arena section as month or special pictures with Dan serenading to Vega.