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Dear Chun Li,
How do you feel about that imposter who is having success by stealing your name?

I try to hide my personal opinions but if my image is badly ruined then I will have to talk to my lawyers.

Dear Ryu,
Have you and Chun Li ever ended up in the city alley surrounded by thugs who wanted to hurt you and violate Chun Li?
~Soul Ninja

Only a few times and in all cases the thugs were more scared of Chun Li when she was angry than having to fight me.

Dear Cammy,
Thank you very much, for your kind words about Raul. I can confirm yes I have a new kitten, he is a tabby (the fourth one in my family!) and I have named him Yoshimoto. He's so cute!

You're very welcome and congratulations on Yoshimoto.

Dear Chun Li,
I have Ryu, he'll be joining your father.

Let him go or you'll be giving me the perfect excuse to murder you in cold blood.

Dear Ryu,
I have captured Chun Li... She's mine!

Let her go unless you want to fight me.

Dear Cammy,
As you are a cat lover, I am sure you will be very sad to know my cat Raul has died. He hasn't been very well lately, so the hard decision has been made to end his suffering. RIP Raul Farrell May 16 2003 - January 7 2018 :'(

That is indeed very sad. I am really sorry about the sad loss of your beloved cat Raul.

Dear Chun Li,
Do you have sexual thoughts with Ryu when you fight him?
~Soul ninja

Once in awhile but please let that be our secret.

Dear Chun Li,
If you could pick between Cammy and Juri, who would you make out with and why? Note that this may be the origin of yuri fanfiction.

I'm sorry but I don't swing that way and I'm not in to those kind of things. I don't really like Juri and I have a friendship only type relationship with Cammy.

Dear Ryu,
Have you ever felt sexually attracted to Chun-Li? Does fighting her bring out sexual tension between you both?
~Soul ninja

The fight is the only thing that I live for. I have no interests for anything else besides how Chun-Li is a worthy opponent to face in battle in order to test my skills and become stronger.

Dear Dan,
Can I join your dojo?

Of course you can! It makes me very happy to hear you show such interest in the great Saikyo martial arts.

Dear Vega,
When are you going to cut your hair? You do know that your hairstyle makes you look like a fag? No wonder Dan wants you so much.

I will never cut my beautiful hair and those that call me vulgar names are just jealous of my beauty.

Dear Ryu,
Chun Li fights for you.
~Soul ninja

Good for her. I would like to test the progress of her training.

Dear M. Bison,
Bison! My fist asks for a fight to the death! Me versus you! Raaaaaargh! *Proceeds to transform into Oni*
~ Shin Akuma

I'm not in the mood. Maybe some other time.

Dear Chun Li,
I came here just to annoy you. Guess what I saw in some certain adult internet sites? A video of you happily sucking Vega's dick. I still don't understand what he saw in you but I do understand that he is not a normal man, so I guess that all of this mess explains itself with you involved.

What can you expect from someone who is more famous for showing her tits in an animated movie than her fighting skills? I hate your hypocrisy, because you speak about decency and good behavior when you have little shame in showing yourself in sextapes. Next time you speak about decency, try doing it with your clothes on.

With all my love,

PS: Last night I slept with Ryu, so gorgeous, hot and full of stamina. He fucked me in my house all night, I was amazed. He told me that he was not interested in you for three resasons: you are always stalking him, he rather be training than spending time with you and he thinks that you are getting more chubby than ever, which I agree with him.
~Mai Shiranui

You just signed your death warrant! I am going to hunt you down and kill you! FYI those videos are fake!!!

Dear Ryu,
What will you do after you master your fighting?
~Soul ninja

Keep on training and find other fighting techniques to master.

Dear Ryu,
What will you do after you found the true meaning of the fight?
~Soul ninja

I would continue training some more as there is always room for improvement to be a better fighter.

Dear Chun Li,
Have you reached menopause yet? Ha, ha, ha!
~RyuXSakura fan

How about you say that to my face so I can break it with my fist!

Dear Chun Li,
Who is your boyfriend?

I wish I could say Ryu but I don't have a boyfriend until I can get Ryu to notice me.

Dear Ryu,
Have you thought of sleeping with Chun Li?
~Soul ninja

No, the fight is all that I care about and I have no interest or time for anything else. My interest in Chun-Li is to fight her as a worthy oppponent in the tournaments.

Dear Vega,
Vega, my love, first of all happy birthday!!! I wish more years of pure beauty and perfection. I have a gift for you that we are to enjoy at night in my bed. Kisses, my love.

Thank you so much! This is the best gift ever. Please say that I am not dreaming!

Dear Vega,
Vega, happy birthday my love! I bought a very beautiful gift for you which consists of a very special (Suicide Squad movie based) costume of Harley Quinn. Isn't that beautiful, my love?. Also, I'm going to dye your hair tips just like Harley.
PS: I bought a Joker's costume for myself. We will be the Harley and the Joker of Saikyo. Kisses my love <3

NOOOOO!!!!! Stay away from me!!!!!

Dear Chun Li,
Do you celebrate airings? Were you especially happy about Santa Claude's visit?

No, because I don't even know who or what that is.

Dear Vega,
What would you do if you saw Dan wearing a sexy pink dress?

I would run for my life and not stop until I drop dead.

Dear Ken,
What made you want Ryu to date Chun Li?
~Soul ninja

They look really great together and make a cute couple. I know that Chun Li likes Ryu but if only Ryu can realize that there is more to life than the fight.

Dear Chun Li,
Hi Chun! I wanted to ask you if you like the Harry Potter series. What is your favorite house? Do you like aurors? Who's your favorite character?

I read a couple of their books during my breaks at the office. I can't say who is my fav because I have a lot of catching up to do and I am behind with all the new releases.

Dear Chun Li,
Ken often tries to help Ryu with his love life.
~Soul ninja

Really? Then I hope that Ken can say a few good words about me to Ryu.

Dear Ryu,
what would you do if you met Shao Kahn?

I would challenge him to a fight to see who is stronger.

Dear Setsuna,
What would you do if you ever got your hands on a naked comatose Ryu?
~Limey Man

Do you really want me to tell you? It would be very obvious as to what every one of Ryu's fans want from his big piece of meat.

Dear Dan,
Do you have a secret potion to turn men gay?

I wish I did because I would love to use that magic gay mojo on my darling Vega!

Dear Kunzite,
What is it like having so much sex with Sailor Pluto on this site?

Good except that when Sailor Pluto wakes up and realizes that I am not Ryu she tries to kill me.