A Carnival in Darkness: Part 16

Raven thought he was done for with the rate he was being pelted with tomatoes just for not singing. "Why can't these people leave me alone!? I'm not Axl Low!" He'd scream to himself before he saw Sephiroth pulling out a dark orb to drain the energy from all the attendees of this stadium that came to listen to him sing.

Feeling his spiky and gray body being picked up and wisked away into the sky, Raven could only feel happiness running through him to actually be free, An emotion he wasn't used to feeling at all.

When he was lowered down by Sephiroth and the two were met by That Man, Raven dropped to his knees infront of the man he worked for.

"Forgive me sir, I...I lost that last communication from you about the spell only being temporary. I owe my life though, I am sure to this heroic and angelic being. What is your name?" Raven says as he looks to Sephiroth.

"Sephiroth is your name, Isn't it? While you were off saving Raven, I used some of my magic to look into your past. Don't worry...I can understand what drove you to do those things in the past." That Man says in an understanding tone as he was handed the dark orb and already began to use some of it's power to clean away the mess splattered all over Raven's body.

"Tch...Look at all the little do-gooders here to help out this ragdoll of time. Why don't you all just leave me to my business with him?" I-no says with a rude tone of voice as she strummed a chord along her guitar, Amplifying the sound through those speakers to near deafening levels as they floated above her back with giant wings attached.

If she unleashed Megalomania...It could spell the end if it weren't for Sailor Pluto being here.

"Trust me, I-no...You don't want me in a band or anything like that, We'll get swarmed by fans like 24-7 and 365 a year. It'd be hell I tell ya!" Axl loudly says to I-no, Wanting to resolve this conflict without anything bad happening to his friends and associates that were all here to help him out.


"With all the energy that I've stolen using that orb it will be a long time since those 'creatures' at the stadium wake up. So you learned about my past but I have to warn you that I still hate them all for what they've done to me and my mother." Sephiroth didn't finish speaking to That Man when he noticed that a hamster was approaching the carnival and then many more followed. The hamsters seem to be walking towards Raven and admiring him most likely thinking that he was Axl and could ask him to sing too. "Let me guess. More fans of Axl? You need help?"

What looks like cute little hamsters became uncute as they all tried viciously to drag Raven away. One little hamster even was holding a microphone in his mouth and it is obvious what they all wanted.