A Carnival in Darkness: Part 17

Hamtaro hisses angrily as he drags Raven by the ankle to a small underground hamster tunnel. Hamtaro crawls down the tunnel and continues pulling Raven underground but Raven was stuck because obviously he would not be able to fit through the tunnel entrance which was only hamster size.

Raven could only smile when he saw the hamsters heading his way. To him, Hamsters were far from being a threat in the least. But that's when his smile faded and his eyes widened from seeing the hamsters turning vicious and the one with a microphone held in it's little hamster mouth.

"No...No, No, No!!!" He screams as all the hamsters began to attack him and start to drag him away.

That Man wouldn't even respond to Sephiroth when he was drawn to just simply stare at the hamsters starting to drag his servant away and to the point where he had a leg now stuck in a small tunnel.

"Yeowch!" Axl screamed to himself when he heard the sound of I-no's guitar chord being struck that brought him down to his knees. It wasn't until though that he heard the sound of Pokemon Singing that things could get worse for him.

Axl beginning to speak up to I-no but with a slurring tone like he was drunk or extremely tired, "Co-...Come on...I-no...Just leave usss" He'd say with one last long slur before he hit the ground asleep.

I-no herself felt just a little sleepy but she was too powerful to be messed around with any Pokemon attack tactics and she just strikes her cord once more to send out a shockwave of a very loud B sharp chord throughout the entire forest as her wings began to flap even more behind her.

Glowing as she was still charging up her Megalomania. "HAND! HIM! OVER! NOW!"


As other hamsters were digging to make the tunnel wider for Raven to fit in, Oxnard being a larger hamster climbs on top of Raven's head and began stomping trying to help push Raven in to the tunnel. The hamster club house was underground and they have a mini stage down there. The hamster with the microphone throws the microphone near Raven. Then another hamster drags a music book that was full of lyrics and drops it next to the microphone. As some hamsters worked to get Raven down to their tunnel, a huge number of hamsters sat down and were seen holding small tomatoes. The tomatoes would be used if Raven does not co-operate with the hamsters. Hamtaro hisses angrily as he continues pulling Raven down the tunnel. With more help from the other hamsters, Hamtaro was able to pull Raven down to his knees. Realizing that Raven was stuck, he quickly calls his other hamster friends and soon thousands of hamsters emerged from underground. They all came to the surface and angrily wanted Raven to sing. A small hamster band with mini guitars and a drummer began playing and all hamsters started hissing for Raven to sing.

Sailor Pluto holds her time staff tightly and puts up a shield so that she can protect Axl from I-No's attacks. She watches I-No carefully and if I-No was going to do what she thinks then Sailor Pluto would have no choice but to either manipulate time and dimensions. Good thing for Sailor Pluto is that she never heard Axl sing otherwise she would be like everyone else who is madly in love with his music.

Chun Li was the one who was offering the hamsters a very generous reward of 100 million fresh sunflower seeds to bring Axl to her. She also told the hamsters that Axl's music was beautiful beyond words giving them a sample of Axl's music that she manage to record during the concert. Chun Li continues driving the heavily arsenalized tank looking for Axl. "Axl, where are you? I will find you because you can't hide from me or destiny any longer!"