A Carnival in Darkness: Part 18

Axl was out for a while now, Even with the loud chord struck by I-no. The effect of the songs used to lull an opponent to sleep keeping him down.

The flamethrower attack by Charizard was a little unexpected but I-no had the strength to block it just with the back of her guitar as well as a green shield forming around her body to form a "Faultless Defense".

The Hadouken from Ken being smashed out of existence by the back of her guitar as she now just points to all the Pokemon and spun her guitar back infront of herself in a way that she could strum it loud.

"Here we go...IDIOTS!" I-no loudly yells at all of them before she strummed along her guitar and those giant wings of hers began to flap and now blue and white orbs began to shoot out everywhere, Targeting the Pokemon and ready to blast their little heads in with the power of her Megalomania.

"No! No! No! How can this be happening to me!?" Raven screamed to himself as he continued to be pulled along by hamsters and now ended up stuck down to his knees inside of the hole with what looked to be a little hamster band waiting for him to sing near him.

"Oh you're freaking kidding me..." Raven wasn't going to give up just like this. Slamming his hands into the ground beside him and starting to try and pull himself back out of the hole to get away from all of these hamsters that were as bad as those Axl fans.


Hamster security guards started hitting Raven with sticks. There was warning for Raven to sing or else. Soon Diana the senshi cat found Raven and she bought along other senshi cats and also senshi guardian crows. The cats attacked Raven with their claws while the crows began pecking him. Diana was able to talk and she spoke, "you must sing! We want a concert! If we can't have Axl we'll have you instead because you are close in the Axl department."

Once the hamsters saw that Raven was not cooperating they turned violent. Very violent. One hamster threw the microphone in Raven's mouth while all the rest began throwing tomatoes at him just like what the Axl fans did before in the stadium. Even the cats and birds were throwing tomatoes at him and shouting loudly. Raven was covered in tomatoes again just because he would not sing.

Sephiroth shrugged his shoulders as he watches Raven attacked by hamsters that were obviously Axl fans. "Are you sure you don't need any help?" Without waiting for an answer Sephiroth chanted a magic spell to make it rain sunflower seeds to distract the hamsters. As the hamsters were distracted Sephiroth pulls Raven out of the ground by pulling on his spikes before taking him back down to the library where he will be safe with That Man. He puts Raven down in front of That Man and locks the door making sure nothing can get in as he listens to what That Man says. "Are you sure that Axl isn't the one that started the war in the future? I suggest you move the library somehow because hamsters can dig and they will come here looking for Axl which they think is Raven."


"Seeds!" Oxnard picks up as many of the sunflower seeds as he can and begins eating. He has a feast and temporary forgets all about Raven's singing.

"Where did Raven go? We must find him so he can sing." Diana sniffs everywhere to look for Raven. She stops at a certain spot and asks the hamsters to dig here but they were too busy eating seeds. "Come on what is more important to you all? Food or our Axl?" The hamsters began eating the sunflower seeds until they heard what Diana the senshi cat said. They stopped, continue eating and then stopped to think some more. "AXL IS!" The hamsters all rushed to where Diana was pointing her paws and began digging.