A Carnival in Darkness: Part 33

Hamtaro continues biting and tearing apart all the evil Outworld warriors. When they were all gone, he caught a glimpse of That Man's glowing form and the hamster runs to Sephiroth scared. Other hamsters ran to their human friend to protect them.


Shinook attacks That Man first but he was not prepared with how much power and how strong That Man was as the shockwave forced Shinook to fall flat on his face. Shao Kahn and Onaga was so impressed with That Man's power, they can't wait to steal it, the two of them teamed up and destroyed Shinook. Killing their own so they would have one less person to share the glory with. Now the two of them were on guard with That Man knowing what he can do.

"The souls? They have stopped being brought over to Outworld. You must be stopped now, how dare you defy Outworld!" Shao Kahn angry that his army has been defeated and that he could not steal anymore souls prepares to fight That Man with everything he has.


"Okay, whatever you say. I'll be back later if you need any help like keeping your library looking neat and tidy." Sephiroth took a look at That Man's true form and had a bit of confidence that he might be able to defeat the Outworld bosses. Before he could do too much the frightened hamsters turned to him for help. Sephiroth carried as many hamsters as he could with his hands, allowing the rest to climb up and ride on his wing, shoulders and head as he ran back down to the tunnel that led far away back to the hamster clubhouse. Making sure that every hamster was safe inside, Sephiroth shut the door and sat back down in the cramp hideout.

Onaga runs over the dead Shinook, he leaps over That Man and grabs him behind to prepare him for an attack by Shao Kahn who began mercilessly pounding him with the giant hammer.


Hamtaro feels safe in the hamster club house. He opens a door to the storage room and pulls out a huge sack of seeds where they can all eat. He offered some of the seeds to Sephiroth thinking that humans should eat healthy food like hamsters too.

Howdy hamster picks up a seed and starts munching. He was wondering when it could be safe to go out again.


"Vicious beasts...Killing your own" That Man said scornfully as he saw the vicious Outworld Overlords kill one of their own just to not have to share glory with another individual.

As Onaga jumped up behind That Man, he was caught off guard and began to take the first few impacts from the hammer, coughing up a few droplets of blood, seeing them only as reminders of what mortality still existed in his body. Beginning to struggle out from the grasp of Onaga before choosing to use his partner's attacks against him.

Swinging their bodies around so that Onaga was replaced as the unfortunate victim of atleast a few hammer shots that'd probably make him let go. The glowing man then unleashing another shockwave through the area to knock the body of the one holding him off and to run a few yards away, needing to catch his breath as he hadn't fought like this in so long that he was very rusty.

"That Man is my boss, with all the chaos that's going on down on earth...I can only wonder how pissed off he's getting with me." Raven said sobbing as he dropped to his knees, he owed That Man so much and now he failed his boss and could only imagine what his eventual punishment might be like. It was even a wonder though that no one else who worked for That Man was around to help like the Unknown Individual and I-no, both of whom knew That Man could handle himself and if he couldn't, they wouldn't mind.

"See baby, I'm a lot better at singing now than I used to...Wouldn't you agree?" Axl'd say with a smile to Megumi who was only smiling before she pulled the man she loved in for a hug and a kiss. Getting a few compliments about how good his singing was in comparison to before when he was far from being as great as he was now.


Sailor Moon talks to the other senshis as she didn't want to see Raven cry. "Why don't we all go back and try to help That Man? Maybe Raven would feel better if we brought That Man over here and who knows? Maybe That Man can sing too."

"Sailor Teleport!" All the senshis held hands in a circle and used Sailor Teleport to leave the senshi palace and return to where That Man was fighting. The guardian cats and crows were left behind to look after Raven, there was also a communicator phone like device left behind for Raven in case he needed to call someone for help. Sailor Galaxia saw That Man fighting Shao Kahn and Onaga and knew what was going. "Quickly we have no time to waste. In order to save the world we have to commit the ultimate sacrifice." A symbol appears on each of the senshis' head as they glowed and transferred all their energy and powers to That Man to help them fight Outworld but as the energy was transferred the senshis all dropped to the ground dead.

"Call Sailor Pluto to take you home." Sailor Mars whispers on the communicator to talk to Raven who was left behind. Sailor Mars said this before closing her eyes and falling on the ground dead with all the other senshis. They hoped that all the power of the senshis given to That Man was enough to help him save the world from Outworld.