A Carnival in Darkness: Part 37

Sailor Pluto gives Axl a time key, "Use this to allow you to escape from here. I will take the others back home." Sailor Pluto turns around and goes back to the room where everyone else was. She teleports Megumi back home to the time she found her, she teleports the pokemons safely back home to their forest and she takes Ken with her back to where That Man was to see Raven. Sailor Pluto points her time staff at Raven to have his Vega disguise removed and transformed to the way he was before, all grey and with his pointy spikes. Before Sailor Pluto could talk to Raven she noticed Sephiroth, holding one of her hamsters and she gets angry. "YOU! You evil man, you stay away from my hamsters!" Sailor Pluto swings her time staff and begins beating Sephiroth up with her time staff. "How dare you corrupt my cute innocent hamsters to do your evil dirty work!"

Hamtaro stops crying as soon as he sees Sailor Pluto. Hamtaro jumps up on Sailor Pluto's shoulder and hugs her. He was a happy hamster again. When she calms down, Hamtaro would explain this to her that this strange looking human was nice to the hamsters and gave them lots of sunflower seeds.

Sephiroth, still being injured, wasn't prepared for the surprise attack from Sailor Pluto. He wanted to fly away but couldn't and each strike from the time staff caused him to lose a huge lot of black feathers. "Stop it, lady. Let me explain I was trying to bring your hamsters back home to you."


That Man was almost brought to tears now as he was made happier with the reactions he was getting from all of these people, it amazed him in so many ways to know what it finally felt like to be a hero to the people and not one who was to blame for a horrible apocalypse.

Now looking to Raven as he'd still remain amongst the crowds of people, seeing such a determined look on his associate's face as he had a feeling that Raven was already plotting something.

Now freed of his disguise as Vega and able to be himself, spikes and all, Raven would smile to Vega as he looked toward the rest of the crowds. "Please make sure that That Man is going to be alright, do not allow these people to hurt him or obsess over him."

Would be the last few words out of Raven's mouth as he started to walk away from the scene and off to the remains of Domino City to where all of this had occured in terms of destruction and desolation.

Now he simply waited.

"Thanks miss, I'll...Catch you another time, maybe." Axl would say as he had a smile plastered on his face like usual and he'd use the time key to get out of the dimension set aside for Sailor Pluto and her hamsters. Off to the place where all of this death he felt took place.

Appearing right across of Raven as he stared down his counterpart from an alternate timeline. Chuckling to himself. "Raven, it's been...A little bit since I last saw you, are you alright?"

"Let's just make this quick...Alright?" Raven would say without a response back to Axl about anything else regarding how he was feeling. No time for chit-chat at all in Raven's opinion.


Oxnard quickly runs to Sailor Pluto and tells her to stop hitting Sephiroth, "This human was nice and good to us hamsters. He even saved our lives by risking his own during an explosion."

Sephiroth manages to take out his sword to block Sailor Pluto's attacks. Now thanks to her it could be a very long time before he will ever heal back up to normal. He thanks the hamsters for standing up for him. "What the little hamster said is true. I did save their lives and if you would let me go I can promise you that you will never see me near any of your hamsters again. I actually really want to return back to That Man's library and read some of his books."

Sailor Pluto still did not trust Sephiroth and she still didn't forgive him for what he done. "My hamsters wouldn't be in danger if it wasn't for you! I'm going to have you banished to a place where you will never hurt anyone again." Sailor Pluto freezes Sephiroth and has him instantly teleported in a empty solitary jail cell in her castle, the bars will keep him locked in and unable to cause any more trouble. "My poor hamsters." Sailor Pluto picks up her hamsters and pets each and everyone of them. Hamtaro dances happily for Sailor Pluto. He gives an Axl CD to Sailor Pluto hoping that she would like his music too and tells her about all the adventure that the hamsters had as Axl fans.

Sephiroth lights up a torch to help him to see, he soon realized that he was all alone in a prison cell in another dimension. Sighing and not knowing what else to do, he sat in a cold corner and read one of the books that That Man gave him.