A Carnival in Darkness: Part 38

Axl walked closer up to Raven now and the two just held out their hands. Axl with his left up and Raven with his right up as they faced one another, stepping closer until they'd walk through one another and there'd be a huge flash in the distance, the two of them distorting time for what they were planning to do now.

Raven would be the one using his skill to keep the distortion going as Axl was the fuel, the two of them both very capable of time travel but it was just that Axl didn't know very much on how to control his time travel power but had huge capabilities with it while Raven did know how to control his time warping with amazing skill but tired out easily.

Now as the two entered distorted time, they'd go through it back to the moments that the senshis had perished in order to give their power to That Man.

The two of them using magic to replace their bodies with the already dead ones from the current present, distoring time in such a fashion that they created an entirely different timeline in another dimension while they'd snatch these Senshi back to the present they were both from.

Raven carrying most of them as he was far stronger than Axl.

While Axl himself would leave the distortion of time carrying Hotaru and Sailor Mars in his arms. The very moment the flash once more appeared in the distance, time would only have passed by as ten seconds in the present. Axl now falling to his knees as Raven collapsed almost instantly with magic holding the Senshi close together.

That Man would thank the president, saying he was not worthy for the way people were honoring him, that he was only doing what any good person would do for the world in this kind of a situation.

Now being handed a microphone as he stood himself up and kept as steady as he possibly could, the amount of people honoring him making That Man feel a sensation within himself that he never had felt before.

Starting to speak into it. "Thank you...Everyone. But I am not deserving of the honor this day or ever. The honor should be given to those who have lost their lives in this battle and of the most recent horrible events that have taken so many away."


Sephiroth didn't know how but after much wandering he was able to escape the dungeon. Trying to find a place out he continued walking the halls seeing the many rooms until he came to a room that had the light on, Sephiroth opens the door and sees a terrifying sight. There was not a hundred, not a thousand but what looks like over ten thousand hamsters. He quickly shuts the door and opens the door to another room which looks like a library which seems to suit him fine. Sephiroth randomly pulls a book from the shelf and reads it, the books seem more interesting than That Man's but some of them contain a language that he wasn't familar in.

Women from around the world indeed have lost interest in Axl as they saw someone more worthy of their worship.... That Man. There was a huge lineup of people holding money and treasures, anything valuable that they can give to That Man to say thanks for saving their lives.

Ekans gives a gold coin to That Man, that was Ekan's favorite treasure that would be worthy as a gift for That Man.

Dan gives That Man a pink gi because to Dan the pink gi was a prized possesion and a great treasure for saikyo devoters.

Charlie and Guile watched the line up of people presenting gifts to That Man and made sure that things went in an orderly and controlled fashion.

That Man was being showered with gifts of devotion and it looks like he was going to be a very rich man.

When it was James turn he offers a hugs tray full of his finest made burgers. "I hope this pleases your excellency."


"Hey Chicky...You feeling okay?" Axl said with a smile to Hotaru as he held her in his left arm, holding her strong as he held Mars in the other, slowly getting to both of his knees and setting the two down beside him. Not looking as tired as Raven but that could be expected. "I can sing for ya...When I feel better. I'm...Not so hot right now..."

That Man would be smiling to everyone as he pushed some of his hair out of the way of his eyes. Nodding as he'd start to speak up to the questions he was being asked.

"My favorite food? I...Don't know, it's been so long, I think it'd have to be a good...Healthy salad."

"My strength? It has come through years of focus and desire to help mankind for what I did in the future."

"My blue skin? It's from my exposure to years of radiation. My body is fine now and has grown used to the years of being radioactive."

"Please, everyone, your thanks are all enough, I do not need your treasure, I do not need your gifts, I am not worthy, I truly mean that..."

That Man ended up saying to everyone who was attempting to give him money and treasure, The only things he'd accept were the gold coin because he doubted he could communicate with a snake about how he did not need a gift from it.


That Gi from Dan. That Man accepting it from Dan, putting on the pink gi as he didn't mind the idea of wearing it as he draped the purple cape given by Vega over his shoulders, breathing softly as these people invigorated him, they made him feel whole again, rather than a cursed being.


Sakura decided to give That Man the most valuable treasure that belonged to her which was Axl's bandana. "Here. This is very special to me but since you are my hero I want you to have it."

Karin was able to buy a giant gold statue made in That Man's honor and she presents it to That Man hoping that he would be impressed. Karin was determined to give That Man a much better gift than Sakura.

Vega looks at the huge number of gifts piling up. "You will need a big mansion to put all those presents and where did Raven go? I have to go home soon, I have a bullfighting show in Spain coming up."

As soon as Chun Li heard that That Man likes healthy salad she ran to a health food store and bought a huge bowl of salad to give to That Man. Chun Li bows and hopes that he likes the salad.

Sailor Pluto had no idea that back home in her castle that her sacred books were being read. She would have to erase the trespassers mind when she gets home to remove all the knowledge that Sephiroth learned from her books but for now Sailor Pluto was just very happy to see her hamsters. She hugs each one of them but did not want to go home yet. "I'm going to see the hero That Man but I need a present."

"We'll help you find a good gift for the hero." Hamtaro decides to help Sailor Pluto find a perfect gift to give to That Man but the only gift he can think of is seeds. "How about giving That Man some healthy seeds to eat. I know of a good sunflower field with lots of delicious seeds in it."

"Should we collect seeds for the hero now?" Oxnard was eager to help out with the present for the hero.

"How about flowers?" Bijou picks up her favorite flowers and ties them in a bow. "This be good gift for the hero?" Sailor Pluto thanks the hamsters for all the ideas for the gifts for That Man but unfortunately she knew that none of those ideas are suitable. "I might have something back in my castle that I can give to That Man."

Sailor Pluto quickly teleports herself and all her pet hamsters home. She quickly runs in her room and searches her treasure chests trying to find a rare gem with mystic powers that would be a good gift for That Man since everyone in the world was offering presents to the hero as thanks.