A Carnival in Darkness: Part 40

Charlie goes over the plans to double check everything. He shows the plans to That Man and hopes that That Man will like the palace when it is complete.


"No way, ya bloomin' idiot! You can go back with all those chicks, I got a girlfriend, I wanna be with her, you got no one!" Axl yelled as he pushed Raven back.

"Shut up you fool!" Raven was only able to get that out before he felt himself wrapped up in the chain of hearts and he started to struggle, knowing that these senshi weren't going to be letting him go this time.

Trying to run from them as he saw that Hotaru turned into Sailor Saturn and now Raven was truly in trouble, all those spikes that were in his body were going to be cut off or ripped off again...Sure it didn't hurt, but he didn't want to have to get more and shove them back in.

That Man watches the work these people were doing on the golden palace for him, sighing as he still didn't feel right about getting this sort of an awesome reward for doing something that any good person would do to help the world.

Now eyes resting on Dan as he was performing some Saikyo and That Man watched as he remained in the pink gi he had been given earlier. Speaking up after a few moments of watching Dan perform for him, "Hmm...Dan, is it? Yes, I believe if instead of just shaking your fist at the end of your somersaulting, you could include a few punches, it would catch your opponent off guard".

Was all he could say as he was attempting to give Dan some advice to make Saikyo both a dangerous martial art and a fun one all at the same time.


Sailor Pluto holds up her time staff and using her garnet orb's powers, she was able to fastforward and have all the gold transformed in to a beautiful golden palace for That Man. The palace was now complete and the people can get That Man to sit on the thone inside while they bow to him and offer him gifts. Sailor Pluto lowers her head at That Man and the crowd parted enough so that there was a straight path to the throne room in the palace for That Man to sit.

James gets all teary and choked up at how beautiful the golden palace was. He quickly bows on the ground too at That Man. Ken bows too and soon everyone was on the ground bowing at That Man and chanting about his excellency. Chun Li watches pokemons and humans bow at That Man and she bows too. There was a strong silence in the air as everyone hopes that That Man would like the palace.

Sephiroth continues reading the strange books in Sailor Pluto's library. He began learning a lot of forbidden knowledge and spells, but realized they would be useless to him if he doesn't find a way to escape from this dimension. "I'm going to be stuck here for all eternity in a realm full of darkness and hamsters. I guess it could be worse."

Hamtaro takes the bag of sunflower seeds from That Man and does a happy hamster dance to thank him. Picking up the bag of seeds, Hamtaro takes them back home to share with the other hamsters and Sephiroth. "The hero liked the present and look! I have seeds for everyone to eat!"


Sailor Moon held Raven down and when all the senshis were working together removing the spikes, changing his clothes, dying his hair, putting on a claw and mask; after two hours Raven was looking back the way they wanted as Vega.

"He looks so dreamy." Sailor Mars looks at the new Raven who was looking like a perfect image of Vega. Something was missing and that was the music. She tosses a microphone to Raven. "Raven, when we get back home you can sing for us again."