A Carnival in Darkness: Part 42

Sailor Venus began to laugh. Sailor Jupiter doesn't find what Sailor Pluto is trying to do to be very funny while Sailor Mercury tries to explain to Sailor Pluto that they will never let go of Raven who is now their dancing and singing Vega.


Raven was sobbing to himself as he was being taken away by the Sailor Senshi all over again and god knew what he was going to be in for this time...Wanting to run away but his time powers still weren't entirely restored so he was unable to warp himself away. "Call me...Whatever you want, I am no longer even a free man."

Raven seemed a bit out of it at this point as he knew the singing was eventually going to drive him insane if it already hadn't done so at this point.

Now in shackles, he was really feeling depressed as he looked around at all the senshi and heard all of them starting to talk about what they were going to have him do. Hearing the music starting to play around him as he knew his cues by now.

Starting to sing and dance for them as he was asked. Doing quite well at it but not finding it to be a productive way to spend his time.

That Man was going to remain silent for a very long time before he slowly started to speak up. "I...I want to thank every one of you for what you have done for me. This is still too much for me in my eyes but I thank all of you. You are the true ones deserving of thanks this day." That Man said with a respectful bow to all those around him and speaking to him.


"Sailor Pluto, go back home. Raven belongs to us and he will stay here and sing for us forever. Raven can wash the floors too when he sings look at how dirty the floors are." Sailor Moon hands over a mop and bucket of soap water for Raven but the music continued playing so he was expected to sing.

Sailor Aluminum Siren would not give up Raven without a fight. Raven was a dream come true with all the senshis, not only is he good entertainment value but he makes a good butler for senshis too.

Sailor Pluto couldn't stand to see such pain and suffering that was happening in front of her and her fellow senshi friends responsible for all this. She grabs Raven by the wrist and changed him back to his spiked and grey form. "I am taking Raven back to That Man."

"Over my dead body!" Sailor Venus and the senshis charge at Sailor Pluto, they would all attack her to bring Raven back as their Vega slave.

Sailor Mars knew that Sailor Pluto was a lot stronger than her and most of the other senshis here but she would not stand by to watch Sailor Pluto take away and release their slave. "Mars Flame Sniper." Sailor Mars uses her strongest fire attack at Sailor Pluto, eventhough it was blocked, she would not give up trying. "Give back our Vega slave!"


James goes to the kitchen of the palace and starts cooking. He will cook all the food for the celebration party and luckily there were lots of pokemons here that he could shove in the oven. Charlie also helps out with the celebration because there is plans of a big party to have in That Man's honor because the celebration for the hero has only just begun. Grovyle rounds up some fire pokemons and gives them to James to cook for the feast.


Oxnard runs to another room in the castle. He looks for Sailor Pluto. She was not in her room, her office or the kitchen. Oxnard starts to worry as the little hamster finds his other hamster friends to talk too. "Do you think Setsuna could be in trouble? Should we look for her? As her pet hamsters I think we should just in case."

Hamtaro rallies every single hamster in Pluto's castle but before they leave the brave little hamster runs to the library and asks Sephiroth for help. "We are going to find and protect our owner because we hamsters think that she is in danger, do you want to help? You are a strong human."