A Carnival in Darkness: Part 43

Seto Kaiba interrupts That Man's celebration party at the Golden Palace. He came over by plane in style holding a large metal briefcase. He ignored the people that were in his way, pushing them aside and continued walking until he got to That Man. "You the hero that saved the world along with my company? Then this is for you." Seto opened the briefcase and showed That Man a million dollars which was for his gift offering to the hero.


Raven thought he was actually going to be safe now and he was quiet to look at Sailor Pluto pleadingly. "HELP ME!" He'd say as he sobbed just a little, not wanting to go back to this life of basically being a performance just for the other senshi.

When he was taken by the wrist and transformed back to his normal self, he'd already be thanking Sailor Pluto for how she helped him out. Nearly brought to tears if he had any in him to come out.

"Please! Stop them, I don't want to go back to being their Vega-slave!" He'd scream to Sailor Pluto as he formed a barrier of magic around himself, still feeling a bit weak from his earlier burn out from traveling time with Axl.

That Man was quiet the entire time after that as he watched everyone around him closely, shaking his head as he still felt he did not deserve any of this attention at all.

When Seto Kaiba came to see him now, he could only stare at the money he was offered, having grown used to all of this treatment from the people and he'd slowly accept the gift of a million dollars, "Thank you very much for this, Seto Kaiba, I will put this to as much good use as possible."


"Give back our Vega slave!" Sailor Moon uses her silver crystal and fires a beam at Sailor Pluto. She began crying as she saw Raven not looking like Vega any more and being taken away.

Sailor Pluto blocks and throws back all the attacks the senshis were using against her. "Are you all done yet?" Sailor Pluto waits to see if the other senshis would say or do anything else before she can take Raven back to That Man.

Sailor Mercury used brains instead of brawn as she holds up a magnetic collar. "If we can put this collar on Raven it will brainwash him to do all our bidding! He will have no will of his own and exist only to serve senshis."


James was almost finished cooking. He was taking his time because he wanted the feast and the food to be perfect, only when he was completely confident would he serve the food. Ken helps James carry the food from the kitchen and serve it to everyone as the celebration party in That Man's honor began.


"Sure, I'll help." Sephiroth puts the book he was reading away and carried his sword in his hand as he followed Hamtaro out of the library. He follows the hamsters that took him to a portal that lead to the realm where all the senshis and Raven was.

Sailor Saturn stops fighting Sailor Pluto, she was tired. "Come on, Setsuna. Please! Raven is ours! Chibi Usa and I want to have Raven dressed up in a cute dress and have him made pretty by trying out our new makeup on him." Sailor Saturn then saw Sephiroth and the hamsters come over and screams in fear. "Look an evil demon monster and demon hamsters! They want to take our Raven away from us." Sailor Saturn and the senshis try to get closer to Raven while holding the collar. "Raven is our Vega and he will be our slave once this collar is placed on him! Raven is wasting valuable singing and cleaning time."

Sailor Neptune was right ahead of Sailor Saturn, she was holding one of her best turquoise dress that was the perfect size for Raven to wear! "Raven, would look so pretty in this dress. No hamster, monster or even another senshi will take our Vega slave away from us."

Hamtaro hisses angrily as he jumps up to attack all the senshis, the hamster viciously attacks and bites all the senshis to save Sailor Pluto. All other hamsters attack the senshis too but Hamtaro bit the hardest.

Sailor Mars screams as the hamsters started biting her, she was scared because she couldn't shake them off. "Hurry. We must grab Raven and escape! We can put Raven in a dress later on."

Sailor Venus throws her chain of hearts at Raven. She was fast enough to snap the chain on Raven's neck and began pulling like a dog on a leash. "Help me everyone. I've got Raven, put the collar and dress on him before the hamsters kill us. I hate hamsters."