A Carnival in Darkness: Part 47

That Man stood up quite immediately when he felt the presence of the Sailor Senshi. Getting up and going over to the entrance to the palace. "Uhhm...Ladies, I cannot allow any of you to take my employee...He has much to do for me still yet to this day."

That Man was now going to be a little too busy trying to hold off the senshi from tearing his new palace apart which was more in his opinion going to be used to entertain guests to this place. "Please ladies...Don't get violent."

He was hoping now that maybe Sailor Pluto could help him out...They all seemed to be the same in terms of being senshi, so he was sure some sense could be talked into them.

Raven was at peace with himself now when he thought he was truly safe from being attacked and made to do things again by the Sailor Senshi, until he had the strangest feeling they were back again for him.


Seto watches Keith's next move. If he was able to leave in peace he will but if he was forced to fight again then he would fire the gun so he can leave here in time for his next business meeting with Pegasus.

"This fight er duel. Whatever you call this match is over." Ken tries to take Seto outside where he can leave before someone gets shot at and killed.

Seeing the gun in Seto's hand, Keith backed off and let him get away but this is not over. Some how he would have to get in contact with Yugi and Joey who can help him force Seto in a duel and have him humilated. It would be sweet revenge to all duelists.


Sailor Moon sees That Man come out of the palace and begins crying loud. She wanted to be greeted by Raven instead. "We want Raven! We want our Vega slave! Do you know how much work it took to choose this perfect dress for him to wear?"

Sailor Mars stood her ground. "We are not leaving here without Raven. He belongs to the senshis and we will transform him back as a Vega and he will sing and be our maid."

Sailor Pluto walks outside after That Man and she faces the other senshis. She wants to talk to them but knew it would only be a waste of time and effort. "Raven is not here."


Hamtaro finishes listening to the Axl CD and he was a bored hamster. He stares at Sephiroth for a few minutes and has an idea which he shares with the other hamsters. "Why don't we turn Sephiroth in to an Axl for us? We can paint his hair blond and make him sing." Hamtaro grins and asks the other hamsters to quickly collect the makeover equipment. "

What are you doing?" All of a sudden Sephiroth got scared as he overheard what Hamtaro said. As more and more hamsters came over with a make over kit, he dropped the book he was reading and ran. Unfortunately he was tackled down by a swarm of hamsters who got to work and when he managed to escape, he realized that his hair was dyed blond and his black clothes were painted white, blue and red to look like Axl. Now he knew how Raven felt except that he couldn't sing.